Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread


Yeah, we are investigating why the profile selector dropdown does not always work. Does seem like a bug, might be a timing issue.


This FW and TD aren’t really functional yet imho. This is for version 1.0.3 :

  • I have regular “hangs” when I leave TD open and I am driving (iRacing, rFactor 2, ACC, etc.). Even without driving, it hangs after some time.
  • I have to enable High Torque Mode every time I restart the base (which is very often actually). Option to default it is more than required.
  • This beep when you didn’t press the Emergence Button is just a pain, give us an option to deactivate it. If there is already a way, please explain it.

To me the base is not stable enough for the moment, I almost regret I sold my old one at this stage, I have too many failures during driving so far to even try to race right now (week 13, cool).

Some bugs are really annoying but the worse of all is the whole thing hanging if you don’t close TD while racing…


Hi Jean-Marc,.

The communication protocol with True Drive and Simucube is identical to what it was with Simucube 1. Therefore, it would be interesting to know what happens on the hang exactly. The device hangs as well?


I have no issues with hangs at all. Acc, R3E and dirt 2.0.
Only power base on off when I start/stop playing.
Computer not reinstalled since 2013, so NOT a clean install :slight_smile:



Yes, the device seems to not work anymore as well. It happens only when I leave TD open, if I close it, it is working correctly.


This is exactly the point : you turn it off and on between session, I don’t, I just press emergency button to avoid the 2 min beep.

It also only happens if TD is open.


Modification : it hangs even when TD is closed…just hanged in iRacing.

So for me, right now it is not usable, need a fix asap.


Most likely a usb bandwidth or controller issue. What other devices do you have? Is there a hub between pc and Simucube?


Drove SC2 pro with TD for around half a day, feels that it is a bit better than SC1 with small mige, but definitely not something day & night or game changer.

As TD is almost the same function as SC1 config tool except few new feature function, which are slew rate, static force reduction…question : should we use them to feel the difference between SC1 and SC2 ? These seems are the only difference now except the motor itself.


On the other word, SC2 Pro not surprising me at all, but SC1 does few years before.


What sim did you use Jason?


hi Boska, now testing with iRacing.
I play almost all racing sim titles.


I have several other devices (Formula CSX, Simtag pedals, pimax, etc.) like I had before. The old simucube was connected at the same place.

Yes, I think there is a hub.


Maybe Windows has decided that “allow windows to turn off this device to save power” should be on for this device? Can you check?


same here, i have simtag pedal and OSW connected to a powered usb hub, I have no problem with “allow windows to turn off this device to save power” uncheck, I have run this PC for serval years without problem.


I’ve noticed that setting the “hands-off detection” to ‘low’ basically means it’s off. The only time it starts beeping is when I let go of the wheel when I crash it hard into the wall. letting go while driving in straights gives no audible signal.
This is in iRacing.


Yeah, it is supposed to trigger only like you describe on low.


I know it’s a strange test but in the game I lowered to 0 overall stranght and it gave me error:
Motor fault: Over Current! Power Stage Forced off Fault Location ID: 442001


That is interesting, sounds like a bug in the firmware. I’ll mention that this has happened.


As i’m new to DD and filters, please advise is giving more % in filters will push up effect or lower it?