Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread

Tested 1.03 in iRacing, feels similar to before, stable, smooth, with no unexpected behaviour anywhere.

Thank you!

PS: Torque Reduction Slider was showing max position to the right, although actual value pre-update was 15% or something…just a minor inconvenience, would be good to copy correct profile value across. Rest of filters was as pre-update, after flashing…

Hello Jason , the issue was the grease on the shaft, once cleaned up no more problems.

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Hi Phillip, you seem more experienced than me with DD , can you please share your iracing config with true drive. I got a better feeling now that i 've played with settings, but still i think it can be better.

+1 I am with you on this one.
I do understand the reasons behind this decision, but i would strongly advise a smart solution to skip this for those who has no children to play around with these motors.

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Thanks for the feedback. We do understand that there could be this type of issue in a game hall etc. usage cases as well.

Any concrete solution for this would be nice. We are thinking of a possible ones; for example “automatic torque disable after idle timer (cycle e-stop to continue)”. Any other suggestions?

The wirless search after turning off, I usually just turn it off. Perhaps a Flag would be useful to disable it by default for those who do not have wirless wheels

The search does no harm…

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In early beta firmware versions i had to cycle the power button a few times after some safety shut downs.
You could do this even while driving, but the power resets to safe defaults every time…so you indeed have to alt+tab out and manually do it every time.
Eventually i will forget to do this before the “big race” and i will be very very sad.

I would advise a notepad entry in an ini file, or if you really really want to cover all legal grounds, just make a detailed disclaimer when you are about to disable this feature in GUI

Different topic:

Eventually what i am looking for the most in this software is an easy way to adjust power without having to alt+tab out of the software.
I could see an extended premium safety stop with a dial to adjust power in 5% increments? I could see some pins left blank in the safety stop :slight_smile:
Or some button combination that you can assign for this?

For public use the safe mode is nice to have, but it would be also nice if you could assign your own safe profile to it and it would be nice if you could swtich profiles with buttons or some other means of control.


That sounds good, I could then disable the audible warning alarm reminding me that the DD is active as the idle timer will make everything safe after a set time passes.

Hi Victor, I am currently traveling to Europe, feel free to watch my last 2 YouTube videos, there is some feedback on my Filter-settings…

Just search beano SC2 DW12 and bmw m8 …

Thx , i will :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you get sorted :wink:

I would like to understand why even if I disabled all the sound alerts every now and then emits beeps? Then for RF2 I tried it yesterday, and it’s not bad, but I think it still has problems, with the nissan GT500 in the pits when you turn the wheel you should feel a constant friction of the tires on the asphalt, unvece becomes jagged, and like if that effect came at times

the problem persists that turning on the PC with SC2 turned on does not detect it, I must always turn the unit off and on again

first turn on the PC, then the SC. where is the problem

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no problem because it works, but honestly it annoys me this thing, mika was talking about resolution, I was already thinking in this FW.
I have been an OSW user for over 3 years, I switched to SC2 because I believe in GD

If I change a setting in TD, does it immediately take effect or is it effectuated only after pressing the “save settings to Simucube” button?
And what about changing from one profile to another, do I then need to press save aain after changing for the new one to take effect?

Or is the “save” button only to save the settings to the activated profile?

Effect changes take effect on a two second timer. Click on save is only required to save permanently.

Also active profiles are switched right away. I removed all off these explanations which were in Simucube 1 software due to a request from @Tero to remove them. I hope he sees this text and allows to add some things back…

Probably enough to have them explained in the manual …then hoping everyone reads the damn manual :smile:

PS: Was good catching up for coffee, see you tomorrow again! Good discussion…but concerned we have moved away from beers to coffee…

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Can’t change active profile in some instances while pausing games. Might be intentional since some games do indeed push out ffb while you are in pause menu. At least it feels like it.