Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread


You are doing very well so far as to describing things in a simple way.

I am sure Mika, Phillip (Beano), and the top motion control Guru Tero will chime in.
Making the definitions of things more simple will help people alot to understand filter adjustment.

I have built many many DD wheels over the last 5 years. And I can tell you what works and does not, but I have a hard time explaining it.

Are you in the USA?


I think you mentioned that you where looking into the metallic sound or tone rather I would call it.
I have the same condition happening with regards to friction direct input filter as posted by bladerunner2328. It’s like a constant tone when turning left. Tone gets louder the more direct input friction filter I apply.
So far I have experienced this during driving in Raceroom, and while in menues in Dirt2.0, but the Dirt2.0 wanting to turn and have ffb on the wheel in the menues are hardly SC2 software fault, but I do wonder about the tone. Especially since it happens only of counter clockwise rotation, and not on clockwise rotation.


I’m sure it takes a while to dial in the settings to where the ffb feels good. I’m certainly looking forward to receiving my SC2 so that I can start playing around with the software! And yes, I’m in the USA. Michigan in particular.


Yes is takes a bit to figure out what you like.
Many of us liked very active servos back in the beginning of OSW DD wheels.
As they years went on and we learned more about what we were doing most people went to a more middle of the road setting.
All of my personal driving experience with DD wheels has been iRacing.

Glad you are in the USA. Your name looked very familiar to me.
We should have a chat offline at some point. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your knowledge!
SC2 Sport owner here, first time DD user and last 3 days testing the software.

I´ve deduced that the most important thing to do first is to balance the weight of the rim in use.
Im using a Momo Montecarlo ´95 35cm + SQR + 3cm spacer (clean-no buttonbox paddles) on iRacing
and, first of all, I dont like any tipe of dampening so OFF in True Drive options (let game decide)
Cars used are RUF, Bettle, Silverado. Damper mode at 2 on app.ini (friction). FFb ingame AUTO. Simucube Force Reconstruction at 2 filters iRacing signal enough for me.

First I added some friction when not in game, to simulate the steering column and suspension-tires weight over the rim (overall strength does not matter in this step). This step is very important because is what you can feel when wheels are “floating” (over jumps on rally tracks for example)

Next step I calibrate inertias of the rim.
I think this bar is dependant of overall strenght but need more testing. I tuned inertia in-game because you can feel oversteer or understeer easily on chicanes or fast corners, when over the limit of the tires. Best track on iRacing is Centripetal Circuit, smooth tarmac to practice change of directions and dial in your rim. I think of Inertia like the forces needed to move the lever that forms the handle and the shaft, wheel diameter dependant i think.

Slew rate limit is a must.
At 0.10 is supposed to turn the rim at is slowest speed but I found it to be the best starting point.

Static force reduction.
Another must, for iRacing at least, because smooths the forces (pikes) on corners. I dialed it at 24% and i think is my sweet spot for all cars with the same rim.

Ultra low latency mode maxed out, low latency? Take my money!

Direct input effects off


Thanks for sharing your tuning process and your settings! I’ll be sure to keep them in mind when I get my unit.


each his own but I couldn‘t disagree more :wink: these settings are nothing you should try if you are looking for realism.


I’m with McErono on this one, and i even tried your settings for fun Alfye20 : that felt worse than my T150, also you never should use only 34 % of maximum strengh here, it’s better to adjust this setting in game. 34 % without Enabling high torque, is like almost no FFB at all.


Pretty sure he’s not running with high torque disabled, that’s just not been enabled when taking the screen shot.


Yup, I bought a 1200€ thing to play NFS with the red mushrom engaged

And profiler Overall force is a thing that isnt importante for me, all I want is to feel linear forces, no spikes no dips and so on… Im not reducing forces on iracing (70nm, 50Nm???), I set it on AUTO


The thing is there no spikes in iracing even with the strongest forces with a DD wheel, like you just bought.
Auto depends on how you have defined your wheel in iracing . 25 nm . 12 …etc…on my wheel 25 NM, auto == 30NM ,way too strong.


you can be as sarcastic as you want i really don’t care, it was just in case you didn’t know what you were doing that i said those things, if you wanna play like that it’s more than fine to me, but it’s not realistic at all IMO. Have a nice life


I’m not sure why we’re ridiculing each other’s settings here? Surely this is somewhere we can share our findings and preferences and if people want to try them then great.

After setting up my Ultimate I reported to Beano about my experience and he gave me a baseline to test and also offered up some vastly different settings which he personally wouldn’t use but he knew I might like (because I’m a pussy in his opinion :laughing:).

I’m not too bothered about finding the most realistic settings, I’m a competitive git and all I really care about is lapping as fast as possible.

The amazing thing about the SC2 is the range of feel and experiences it can provide the end user, there’s no right or wrong here it’s just personal preference.


Good post, Simon, how I read it too!

Plus, at least you’re a fast Pussy, not a slow old fart like I am :blush:


Great timing!
Niels speaking about iRacing FFb ingame VS profiler.

He talks about telemetry, im talking about linear forces, but in the end we talk about the same thing. Soo im not a fool or something like that, “leave me alone, i Know what im doing!” hehehe


hello @Mika it’s wednesday and i’m going on vacation tonight. I had hoped that I can test the new firmware before my departure, so I see if it solves the issues with the noise and I can avoid the return of the SC2Pro. Will there be an update today?


Depends what you are looking for. Niels wants to protect his wrists, I want realism and I wont get realism in a dallara18 with 10nm. 10nm is slightly above a fanav2… no thank you :wink:


wont happen as Mika was looking into an issue just an hour ago so no new FW this week I guess.


Spot on!
SC2 Sport is not created to replicate the forces on a Dallara IR18, im not with that goal in mind.
Im talking about driving a sim racecar one handed and smoking if possible


Yeah apologize for the posts, if the feeling is right with you it s perfect. I don t use my simucube 2 pro at 100% ffb more likely about 68-70% with irffb. Though the heusinkveld guy forgot one thing you can set the max delta peak force by adjusting slew rate …for example u set it to 2 nm and it s ok my wrist are still on