Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread


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@Mika Any news on the next firmware release Mika?


Should be this week, but no major new features will be ready.


same for me. How did you solve the problem ?


That’s fine, it’s just the resonance/noise issue I’m waiting on a fix for.


do you have the firmware1.03 on it? Reconfilter on 1 or higher and you no longer have any noise


It’s the Friction filter that creates the resonance in my tests.


What friction Filter? Hardware or DXinput?
My SC2 Sport only do weird sound when Recon OFF and/or with DXinput Filters activated


The Friction filter in True Drive. Don’t worry, I’ve already had confirmation that a fix for the resonance is in the next firmware update, perhaps it’s more of an issue with the Ultimate than the Sport.


got also the strange resonance noise in raceroom and putting the direct input friction filter to 0 eleminaited it


This is what confuses me a little.

I didn’t think any of the direct input filters could have any effect with raceroom.

When you look at the True Drive interface, it shows a - next to every effect which according to the user guide means they are inactive.

Am I understanding that correctly?


If one uses the default raceroom profile, it will create a clutch effect which induces great noise with DD wheels. It is disabled in the raceroom rcs files we released, so the effect is not activated with those.


Thanks Mika.

I used the rcs file kindly provided by @JonD
and couldn’t find a file that you released. Is there a specific place where I could find that as I would like to give it a try?



Slew Rate Limit is… MAGIC!!!

But for a noob like me on DD wheels-long time FFb user, what is Slew Rate Limit?
My experience tells me that Slew Rate Limit must match Overall forces, or to be a geometric sequence with common ratio at 1/2. Am I right?

When dialed, changes of direction takes another level, now I can feel the tires like iRacing wants to!


Slew rate limit function limits the torque change to the defined level. It can be useful to make the wheel feel smooth, but it can also totally cut some of the spikes in force. The Reconstruction Filter is more true in this regard, as it allows unlimited force change rate while still being smooth.

We initially suspected that the slew rate would be useful in cutting all the high spikes from forces and to simulate a less reactive motor such as large Mige and others, but we maximum limit so low that it can make the wheel feel very very smooth - much smoother than the simulators intend it to feel.


Sry but i missed the release of that file also. Where can we find it?


@JonD released the files, and I added the required lines for all Simucube 2 models here:


Ahh ok, makes sense now.

Thank you, Mika.


Hi all,

Does anyone else than @nicsos123 and one other guy who we have also contacted via FB and email, have an issue where the wheel has huge resonance issue when high torque mode is inactive?


Tested on iRacing RUF @The Glen with SC2 Sport.
Not HUGE resonace but is grinding and can hear&feel some kind of slip angle or clutch?
Only audible with sound off but sometimes my rig can translate sounds2vibrations