Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread


Do you mean reconfiguring the button-plate module with different buttons going to different pin-positions?

If so, no, not really, unless you have a pretty pricy programmer - but GD has stated a few times already that due to service-support constraints, these will be available to wheel-manufacturers only, not to diy crowd.

So you need to contact your wheel-supplier for support on these :wink:



I was actually hoping there could be some remapping though true drive based on wheel rim connected. I can do the remapping through autohotkey but it has no way of knowing which rim is connected. True drive on the other hand does have that info so if the remapping could be done through there it would make things a lot easier.



Hi Nick,
I think it is not possible, as the button-module uses a standalone wireless programmer…


Nick, I am working on something that will help with that for iRacing.

However you could resolve this in autohotkey by using an ini file you create to tell your script which car you are using. Check out the iniread autohotkey function.



Oops, yeah, I meant he can’t reprogram the pin configuration on the button-plate…sorry for confusion in my response…


Hey Fred, can you elaborate on this a bit? Are you suggesting just changing the ini manually whenever I switch cars or can this be done automatically?

I am interested to see what you are working on when it comes out!



Automatically, no not at the moment but soon hopefully. However that is a phase II of what I’m working on.

Picture a control panel for iracing with three sets of tabs. The top set is completely configurable and allows for up to 150 cars to be selected, it will default to the last used. Selecting a car will set the iRacing on screen elements for that particular car (black boxes etc). It also tells the script various things. This will extend to other things eventually, e.g. setting the windsim ini for the car if you are using it. The car selected is written to an ini file as “currentcar”, you could use this in your own script.

The centre section allows you to group all your apps you need to use frequently into a simple set of tabs to easily launch them. E.g. DiView, Windows Controllers, Motion Software etc and a few tricks like opening the setups folder for your current car or the joycalib.yaml file for that car.

The bottom section has a “Race” tab, you can click a button and it will start specific apps for the car selected (e.g. TrueDrive, or iSpeed), other tabs in this section are free but can be used for telemetry apps or setup apps.

It does various other things like providing a set of radio buttons to control all the VR settings rather than manually updating rendererdx11.ini. I am a week or so away from releasing an alpha.

Beyond SiPo, Beano and a couple of others I’ve not publicised this before, does it sound interesting?

Note to GD, if you’d like me to remove this post please let me know if it breaks any rules.



I’d love to have this!


Will the next update solve the annoying noise problem? (e.g. DR2.0)


Are there any special steps I have to follow to upgrade the True Drive software and keep my original .ini files in place?


Typo corrected.

Previous user made profiles are not deleted on update.

Also, in your previous True Drive folder you will find a profiles_autobackup.ini file which you can import to a new installation if they every get cleared.


1.0.7 Fixed audible resonance for some Ultimate owners

Only for Ultimate? What about Simucube2 Pro noises?

My unit was on your headquarters for more than a week and your servo drive engineer said that the noises, which obviously only my pro has, is a software issue.


Slightly further up it’s saying:

  • Reduced audible motor noise in all models


The Direct input friction filter “singing” is still present in Raceroom, doesn’t bother me much though, I simply turn off the Friction filter, I don’t feel it do very much to begin with.


after the update:
beep tone all 2 min works again.
Software True Drive still crashes after restart.
The SC2 must also be from the PC before starting. Otherwise nothing is recognized.


new firmware beebs with audible notifications disabled


@Jeff: Is it after every 2 minutes? If so, that is intentional, cannot be disabled and is a safety-feature.


Yeah, I actually really like that feature and it reminds me to either depress the e-stop or turn the wheel off.


Thanks, think it is. My teammates hate it on discord. Safety is overrated imo


What really annoys me is the pulsing blue-red light when Safety Mode is OFF (allways…)
Its reflects on my alu rig like a police car, and worst thing is that its brighter than my RGB leds bar confusing me even more.
The problem is easily solved with adhesive tape thankfully