Simucube 2 True Drive software feedback thread

The “competitors” never sleep. Although I don’t know how good Simagic is, never tried it, I hope to see an adequate response from Granite asap.
The paddock idea with it’s online profiles seems to be a dead end. It was underestimated or forgotten to weight the weights of the steering wheels and the different types of cars accordingly.

Isn’t it true that the potential of the active pedals can be exploited best with a telemetry-based ffb? And isn’t that true for the wheel bases aswell?

I’m still amazed by the amount of information I get from the pedals in Simhub regarding wheels lock and slip, loaded and unloaded wheels. This simply makes the Simucube 2 even better because it is no longer the only FFB source

that simagic software looks so nice and modern, true drive feels a windows xp program in comparison.

i think telemetry based ffb is the future, that way you can get around a games crappy ffb and the individual can cater to their own needs, just like irffb does

As someone that has extensive experience using the AccuForce + SimCommander telemetry-driven ffb, I can say for sure that there are certainly cases where such effects can improve / enhance game ffb, and the tuning options are vast. But, with some titles having poor or limited telemetry, it does not amount to much in those cases.

Some Logitech wheel users rave about their True Force effects in titles like Dirt Rally 2 but, it’s all relative to user experience at the end of the day. I’ve seen reports that say True Force uses audio cues to drive the tactile effects and results are mixed with little to no support in older titles. There appear to be 3 tactile effects available (in some titles): Engine vibration / Surface Details / Tire Slip.

Using SimCommander in Dirt Rally, I was able to leverage the Suspension telemetry to improve ffb effects that provided a sense of torque-steer with FWD / AWD cars. The effects were created using a narrow range (Freq. Filter) within the suspension telemetry, and then applying the appropriate amount of smoothing to the signal. The results were impressive but, finding that perfect frequency was not easy.

SimCommander ffb is very powerful software however, I suspect very few people have the determination to take the deep-dive into all it has to offer. Most just complain about it being too complex and give up long before striking gold.

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Simcucube users get lost in 3 sliders already, imagine throwing telemetry controls into the mix. :rofl:


I don’t know about True Force, but Simhub provides a lot of effects, and they work in almost all titles. Again, the information at the pedals and the but are really extremely helpful. So combining them with TD would be amazing.

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I understand what you mean. I have a D-box system that provides great tactile / haptic effects that my SC2 doesn’t necessarily support. In my case, SC2 is desk mounted, separate from my motion rig. It’s not ideal from a Sim-racing perspective but, my rig is dual purpose and has to be flexible for other uses.

AMS2 is currently the only title that provides fully detailed ffb to match the D-box system output. Other titles ffb are a bit lacking by comparison. Having some additional effects for SC2 would be useful.

You are doing some crazy flight stuff, don’t you! That’s something I am so amazed by, must be awesome. From Airbus to fighter jets, the most difficult airports…I believe that this, together with motion/D Box and maybe VR is the absolute simulation, the mother of all simulations.

Can’t Simhub provide you the missing effects?

Not very familiar with Sim-hub although, I know it’s pretty popular for add-ons.
It’s been a while since I’ve spent time in a flight sim but, really should do that again soon.

The SimMagic Software is nothing special, it is the same like everyone else.
True Drive might look not modern to somebody , but it is still the best on the market.
The features it provides are simple but very effective!
:point_right: Torque Bandwidht Limiter, Peak & Notch Filter, Slew Rate

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It’s really not cool (nor the way one should treat its customers) that Simagic is talking about “exiting news”, and a day later release a statement to abandon the support for a product roughly 3 years old.
I also once asked if people still would buy Chinese products when they were labelled:
I earned the expected shitstorm. It just shows how people get fooled. There are sure people out there believing that Simagic is an Italian product/company.

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I was just thinking recently all these names sound just like ‘lost in translation’ names that some non-native speakers must have thought sounded like reasonable English brand names. They almost sound like they came out of an AI chatbot.

I first noticed this with all the off-brand names in big screen TVs

At the end of the day, though, they find success because they actually offer value where it counts and not just looks

Which is why I don’t have a problem with True Drive. Just let me keep my advanced configuration options and I’ll be happy.

Head-fi is my other hobby and I can tell you that Chi-fi audio equipment these days it outpacing West counterparts in delivered absolute and quality per buck many folds.
Energy deprived EU and nose up stagnated US manufacturing glory days are over.


Does that mean TD open, or TD open and online.

Is a terrible question to end a week, but would be even worse to start a week with it

You need to be online to use iRacing… But the feature is not dependent on using the True Drive Paddock or offline profiles.

Can you explain the peak & notch filter? I am new SC Pro user and experience small jolts on ACC Nürenburgring. Would this filter help or what course of action is advisable?

That pretty much sums it up. :rofl:

Sure it’s not from wheel hub or QR?

Maybe @Purple_Red is the best address (after Granite team) to check this out. He also does some very interesting research about compressing FFB signals, something that is regular part of CSP (using compression assist instead of steering assist)

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Peaking/Notch filter can be used to peak out some frequencies of the FFB signal, for example if your wheel has unwanted resonance sounds or the system oscillates in an unwanted way. Any other effects that are caused by this filter are just unwanted/unintended side effects.

The filter works in frequency domain, and if you need to reduce some high-FFB jolts, it would be better to turn down the maximum FFB strength from True Drive and increase in-game FFB strength.