How to do EOL and how not to do EOL announcement

That happens after 3 years, it was launched February 2020. Not really a good sign:

Did SC1 live longer, I don’t think so?

At least they offer upgrade program.

Simucube 1 came to market for general availability in August 2016 and we will end software support in December 2024, making it around 8.3 years of support.

This is support and thanks for that, looks like Simagic is planning to provide it as well.
How long SC1 was a thing before it was discontinued and replaced by SC2, 3 years?

They specifically say that they will not support or provide any updates from this point on. The announcement was without any advance warning. Are you saying that this is somehow the same thing we are doing with Simucube 1?

This is not how I interpreted it.
Did we read different announcements?

Regardless, my point was that Granity product was just as short lived as Simagic, there is nothing unusual or inherenyly bad in discontinuing obsolete product.
But I do appreciate Simagic providing upgrade option. Hopefully GD can learn from that and offer at least some relieve to SC2 owners when SC3 comes out.

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To me, there is a major difference when you look at the dates, you obviously didn’t count years correctly.

Simagic M10 came out late 2019 with first reviews in early 2020, so lets say the support period with software updates was 44 months. The announcement of it being out of software support was abrupt.

Simucube 1 was released in August 2016, but I’m giving you benefit of doubt by saying that our firmware was available for public - and thus our own software support started - at Christmas 2017. We announced the ending of software support in March 2022, at which point there was support already for 4 years and 3 months = 48 months of support, but we specifically said that we would only end software support and updates to the end of 2024, giving it a total of 6 years = 72 months.

This 72 months is 63% more than 44 months. “just as short lived”? really? Really?

SC1 - 2017
SC2 - 2019
Lifespan of the product less than 3 years. I understand that you provided whatever support needed until recently (just as Simagic planning to do), but the product was essentially replaced by SC2, thus just as if not shorter lived.
Raged reaction from SC1 owners following SC2 announcement is still fresh in my memory.
It’s fine to move forward, I personally do not see it as a bad sign, things change, it’s called progress. But pocking at Simagic while essentially having exactly the same short product lifespan is a bit hypocritical.

you are comparing apples to oranges.

Simagic Alpha was released in early 2021 with one of the first reviews from Boosted Media being in March 2021, so by that comparison, Simagic M10 had around 15 months life.

It’s a really silly discussion, but if you have nothing better to do.
Did Alpha replace M10 or was introduced as additional higher end model?
When SC1 was essentially discontinued after SC2 got out.

That was not the case. Simucube 1 was on sale for many years after Simucube 2 was released. Also Simucube 2 is a ready made plug and play product while Simucube 1 was not, so the target audience was different.

Its a really silly discussion, I agree, but you always try to twist the facts.

As an assembled ready to use product SC1 was vanished from retailers almost immediately after SC2 got out.
If by being sold for many years you mean SC1 board, it is true, it disappeared from your store later on, so DIY savvy could still build it, but what’s the point when SC2 is available that is meant as a “replacement” not an addition to SC1.
And I can still buy M10 today, so it was definitely not 15 or whatever months of lifespan you claim, Simagic was selling them together, just like you are selling SC2 Sport and Ultimate today.

Yes, but you won’t get any new software for it, just the one that is available now.

just like we were selling Simucube 1 along with Simucube 2 models, but the market just changed from being a market that sold ready built kits of Simucube 1 to plug and play solutions. I think one of our resellers were building them for a few months after Simucube 2 release, but market just wasn’t there anymore.

Its the same for Simagic - the market is just not there anymore for stepper motor based M10 model when there other servo motor based wheel bases available from several manufacturers at the same price point. If you are failing to see the huge difference how they did their EOL announcement compared to us with regards to Simucube 1, then I don’t know what to say really…

As a consumer of the final product, I don’t. When SC2 get out, SC1 was effectively pronounced dead.

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by saying it that way, you are then saying that we should have also completely discontinued any kind of software support of Simucube 1 when we released Simucube 2? You see no value in software support for customer who have just bought the units? Please elaborate on this. A customer could have bought M10 yesterday and be very disappointed to hear today that there will be no new software updates or bug fixes for it.

I wish I had never posted that…

I’ve split the topic into a separate discussion.

Our intention is to support Simucube 2 for a very long time, even if we do another wheel base product at some point. A Simucube product is safe to buy with long software and warranty support available, the same clearly cannot be said about some manufacturers on the market.

But the discussion with @Andrew_WOT would point to it not being important to give software support to devices at all after a new device is released. He is implying that there is no value in that. We don’t think this is the general opinion of our customers, but of course if we did our EOL announcements that way, it would save us some time and money.

LOL, straw man fallacy at its best. :grinning:
I never said or imply that, nor Simagic said anything in their announcement of stopping supporting the product, the only thing in there is there will be “no new updates”. Geez, looks like that really hit your nerve to go into full blown defensive mode. Chill, we love SC2 this is why we are using GD product. Things with SC1 could have been handled better, what Simagic is doing with M10 is essentially the same, or look the same from consumer side, if not even better as they offer Upgrade option, something I hope GD can consider for future product updates.

Have a nice day!

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I think we are still talking about the same thing, its just that the perspective of the end user is different in different situations as different consumers value different things.

You have a nice day as well.

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