Simucube 2 True Drive Paddock - Feedback and suggestions

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I wasn’t familiar with the meaning of the word Paddock and had assumed it was a Finnish word.

I looked it up and the first definition was:

“a small field or enclosure where horses are kept or exercised.”

I assume in racing terms it refers to the place where all the cars are kept before/after a race.

Kind of a neat meaning when you think about it.

Paddock= the pits when discussing auto racing

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That was the same explanation I found first myself. :rofl:

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Thats the type of newcomers, some of them knows what a steering wheel is, and a clutch.

for those who cannot read, Paddock:


How to import the “classic” profiles to the new TrueDrive.The explanations given are not clear to me.
Thank you.

At the moment, you need to export each of you classic profiles to a separate INI file.Then you can import that INI file when you create a new profile in Paddock.

Next release will have an improvement where the FFB tuning settings dialog has a button to import settings from classic profile from the device itself, so there will be no need to work with ini files.


Yes. Paddock is widely used term in the Europe at least. In the US, I think it is a synonym to the Pits.

Pitlane = the lane the racing cars drive on
Pits = the building that house the cars and also the immediate surroundings of that, were the teams have their trailers and workshops.
Paddock = slightly wider term, used to include all the people as well, including journalists, hospitality, etc.

Thanks for this quickly response, Mika.

Mika, Sorry for being a dummy here, but how do I export each profile as a separate INI file? Whenever I’ve clicked ‘export’ in the past, I just get a single INI file and I thought that contained all profiles?

I’m using V1.0.7 if that makes any difference.

Exporting a singe profile to file or all profiles has been added a long time ago.

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But probably not to the early version that I’m using which is why I haven’t noticed?

It was added in 2020.7 release.

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You can edit the exported file.

Every Profile has a number so you need to create exclusive files for dessired Profile

But if you are planning to jump at Paddock software, It is recommented to jump from a newer version

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Thanks guys. I’ll make sure to upgrade to a more recent classic version and get my individual profiles saved before jumping into Paddock.

How can I import all of my old profiles to paddock version? Or was it so that I need to create one online profile and then I can import an old ini file for it? I thought there was a way to say import all the profiles I have in this ini file and they get added.

Most likely I just use classic then.

How would the online paddock application then guess which cars and which simulators the profiles are for? And what in-game settings field should contain?

There is now (in release 2021.9) integrated UI to import settings from classic profile directly from device, when adjusting FFB settings for a Paddock profile.

Well in reality I don’t really want to use the online system but to test someone else’s settings at the moment. But the “offline list” is empty and I have no idea how to fill it automatically from the saved ini file(s).

yep, its not possible to do it automatically.

We are adding a quick try -feature to the web application now, so shared profiles can be tried out without even registering. True Drive already supports that, and the web app is still pending deployment.