Simucube 2 True Drive driver error

Hello there fellow Simucube 2 users!

I have setup the Pro wheelbase successfully, and have played around with it for a while, getting a few errors here and there about communication issues, and overvoltage with these codes 442001 485001 which have been cleared with the e stop, got it working tried Assetto Corsa for 2-3 hours, it was great, set up the ffb and such and jumped to Dirt Rally 2.0.

Both games were played in vr, I was alt tabbing and setting up the ffb in game and in the tru drive software, when one time I re entered Dirt Rally 2.0 with alt tab, and the steering wheel got laggy, then after a few seconds lost all input.

Since then the tru drive software refuses to recognize the wheelbase or launch properly if the wheelbase is turned on. If I turn off the wheelbase, the program launches finding nothing, turning on the wheelbase causes it to freeze.

I have tried powercycling, rebooting with the wheelbase unplugged from usb/turned off, removed the wheelbase from the devices in windows, uninstalled the driver in windows, tried an older tru drive version which also froze up. I have checked all of the cables around the wheelbase.

I have plugged the wheelbase into the motherboard’s own usb 2.0 slot, I also have a pci-e usb 2.0 expansion card, and a 3.0 dual split. I have Heusinkveld ultimate pedals, shifter and handbrake on a sim lab p1x rig, the pedals are not grounded as I haven’t noticed any spikes yet. Although my internet cable might be interfering with the wheelbase somehow as I got disconnected twice from my router whilst unplugging and replugging the wheelbase. Since then I have removed every single usb device, except mouse and keyboard, and replugged the wheelbase to the front of my pc case.

The wheel is showing up in windows and it says that the device is working properly, in tru drive if I click on the information tab before I turn on the wheelbase, so the program is not frozen, it says that firmware is up to date, but nothing else changes and the whole program freezes. Although windows says that the usb driver is present and working, the HID-compliant game controller driver says under driver details that “No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device” but says that it is working properly.

Windows 10
Intel i5 8600k
32GB 3200mhz ram
GTX 1080

Oculus CV1 with 2 sensors (3 3.0 usb)
Heusinkveld Pedals, Shifter, Handbrake (3.0 usb, MOBO 2.0 usb, 3.0 usb)
Simucube 2 Pro wheelbase, latest tru drive software 1.0.13 (MOBO 2.0 usb)
2 keyboards ( usb 2.0 exp )
1 mouse ( usb 2.0 exp )
1 xbox 1 controller ( usb 2.0 exp )
1 microphone ( usb 2.0 exp )

Hope it is understandable and any guidelines or help would be very much appreciated!

Have fun simming!


Edit: reinstalled windows 10, only mouse, keyboard and nvidia driver were installed, I plugged in the wheelbase, it got recognized by windows, then said that it is ready for use, started tru drive software, license agreement and such, but it’s the same thing the program tries to recognize the wheelbase but freezes up after trying.

operating mode: disconnected
active profiles: unknown
e stop & motor status: unknown
high torque mode: unknown

wheel position is: ???.??

and I can’t click on anything because it will crash.

If I turn off the wheelbase, the program starts working right away as in I can click around the menus but of course doesn’t show anything.

Also the wheel sometimes is dead in feel, and other times has a constant friction. I have just noticed this in between the warning beeps when it’s not in use.

I’ve tried launching Dirt Rally 2.0 again to see if it might unstuck the wheel, the game does not launch with the wheel being powered on, and assetto corsa launches but in a weird bird view state on kunos cars and tracks so no mods, content manager does recognize simucube 2 pro as a controller but doesn’t read any inputs. So Dirt Rally 2.0 freezes on splash screen if I launch the game with the wheelbase being on, and assetto corsa starts, but I either see a gray screen with the pit menu hud, or I can look around with the exterior cameras( f5 - f9 ), with the car nowhere to be found. If I turn off the wheel, the car spawns, with no inputs being read. The constant friction is stuck in the wheel for approx. 5x360 degree turns and 1 200 degree turn. It is always there, but I have to spin it into a direction to get there which is why I haven’t noticed it earlier.

Can you try this…

Make sure TD is closed
Turn on the wheelbase and wait for the 3 beeps
Open TD and give it 10 seconds to recognise the servo

I can tell you that if I open TD first and then power on the servo, TD freezes and I cannot go any further so I always follow the procedure above with no issues.

That’s interesting. Most of the time, I never close TD. I can leave it open, put the PC to sleep, wake up and start my SC2 and it’ll recognize it perfectly fine.

This is interesting. I will take a look at your report with fresh eyes tomorrow.

I will try, I have resorted to reinstalling win 10 as a last cause, the wheelbase was beeping though either with a frozen up TD or with an unopened one, and it is a continous blue color so it also thinks everything is correct.

I am only afraid that the wheelbase’s memory is what’s got a bit bugged up (if that’s possible) and not a win 10 driver, but I will see tomorrow. The first thing I will do is install the wheelbase driver and it’s going to be the only thing I plug in.

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Whilist I was using the wheel I never closed the software, just kept alt tabbing and saving to simucube if I made any changes. It just froze on me one time, the ffb and wheel tracking got bugged, then I was like let me kill the process and restart the software, but it didn’t like my approach.

Hmm :thinking:, I have yet to have anything like that happen in my use.

Hi Mika!

I’ve copied some data about the crashes from windows logs and through the control panel’s security and maintenance, and made a few pics about the software with the wheelbase being turned off and then on and then being frozen, and 2 videos about the above mentioned games.

Here they are:

I hope it helps in some way.

Those windows logs are not really helpful.

Please make a shortcut to True Drive.exe like this:


and then paste the contents of what goes into the log.txt file that will be generated.

Also, does the X-axis move in Windows control panel or in DiView softwares?

Here you go, and the X-axis doesn’t move in either programs.

19:17:41.656: Opened style file
19:17:41.880: Warning: QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_wirelessbutton_clicked()
19:17:41.891: “E:/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/simucubeprofiles.ini”
19:17:41.893: “E:/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/profiles_autobackup.ini”
19:17:41.895: “E:/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/profiles_autobackup.ini”
19:17:41.912: loadIncludedFirmwareVersion: included 1.0.13
19:17:42.883: EULA previously accepted.
19:17:42.890: Disconnected state
19:17:42.895: unable to open device, pid: 3423
19:17:57.901: Connected to SC2 Pro
19:17:57.904: reconnected

19:20:16.524: Opened style file
19:20:16.758: Warning: QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_wirelessbutton_clicked()
19:20:16.769: “E:/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/simucubeprofiles.ini”
19:20:16.771: “E:/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/profiles_autobackup.ini”
19:20:16.774: “E:/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/Simucube_2_true_drive_v1.0.13/profiles_autobackup.ini”
19:20:16.791: loadIncludedFirmwareVersion: included 1.0.13
19:20:17.768: EULA previously accepted.
19:20:17.774: Disconnected state
19:20:17.780: unable to open device, pid: 3423
19:20:32.787: Connected to SC2 Pro
19:20:32.790: reconnected
19:20:51.400: disconnection2askstatus
19:20:51.405: disconnection due to status update read failure.
19:20:52.798: Disconnected state
19:20:52.801: pid 3424
19:20:53.788: Disconnected state
19:20:53.791: pid 3424
19:20:54.796: Disconnected state
19:20:54.800: pid 3424
19:20:55.785: Disconnected state
19:20:55.789: pid 3424
19:20:56.799: Disconnected state
19:20:56.803: pid 3424
19:20:57.786: Disconnected state
19:20:57.790: pid 3424
19:20:58.798: Disconnected state
19:20:58.801: pid 3424
19:20:59.800: Disconnected state
19:20:59.803: pid 3424
19:21:00.791: Disconnected state
19:21:00.794: pid 3424
19:21:01.791: Disconnected state
19:21:01.795: pid 3424
19:21:02.801: Disconnected state
19:21:02.804: pid 3424
19:21:03.787: Disconnected state
19:21:03.790: pid 3424
19:21:04.796: Disconnected state
19:21:04.799: pid 3424
19:21:05.792: Disconnected state
19:21:05.795: pid 3424
19:21:06.786: Disconnected state
19:21:06.790: pid 3424
19:21:07.787: Disconnected state
19:21:07.790: pid 3424
19:21:08.798: Disconnected state
19:21:08.802: pid 3424
19:21:09.801: Disconnected state
19:21:09.804: pid 3424
19:21:10.786: Disconnected state
19:21:10.790: pid 3424
19:21:11.800: Disconnected state
19:21:11.803: pid 3424
19:21:12.790: Disconnected state
19:21:12.793: pid 3424
19:21:13.801: Disconnected state
19:21:13.804: pid 3424
19:21:14.809: Disconnected state
19:21:14.813: pid 3424
19:21:15.803: Disconnected state
19:21:15.807: pid 3424
19:21:16.808: Disconnected state
19:21:16.812: pid 3424
19:21:17.815: Disconnected state
19:21:17.819: pid 3424
19:21:18.804: Disconnected state
19:21:18.807: pid 3424
19:21:19.807: Disconnected state
19:21:19.811: pid 3424
19:21:20.808: Disconnected state
19:21:20.812: pid 3424
19:21:21.804: Disconnected state
19:21:21.808: pid 3424
19:21:22.814: Disconnected state
19:21:22.818: pid 3424
19:21:23.801: Disconnected state
19:21:23.805: pid 3424
19:21:24.815: Disconnected state
19:21:24.819: pid 3424
19:21:24.824: reconnected
19:21:25.329: got a response
19:21:25.536: loadIncludedFirmwareVersion: included 1.0.13
19:21:25.538: shouldShowFirmwareUpdatePrompt: device reported 1.0.13
19:21:25.541: first connection done
19:21:25.544: no need to update
19:21:25.546: checked fw update need
19:21:39.832: read timeout failure 1 (500 ms elapsed, no response at all) at “getProfileData1”
19:21:39.835: disconnection due to profiledata read failure.
19:21:40.842: Disconnected state
19:21:40.845: pid 3424
19:21:55.852: reconnected
19:21:56.858: read timeout failure 1 (500 ms elapsed, no response at all) at “askSimucubeStatusNew()”
19:21:56.860: askSimuCubeStatusNew disconnection
19:21:56.863: disconnection due to status update read failure.
19:21:57.833: Disconnected state
19:21:57.836: pid 3424
19:22:12.843: reconnected

Looks like some sort of USB interference issue. Which motherboard and which port is your Simucube connected to?


It’s in one of the motherboards 2.0 usb ports. I did try the front ports and a 3.0 and 3.1 port on the motherboard but it didn’t work there as well. The 2nd usb view picture is after a few seconds of the wheelbase beeping, and pressing refresh on the program.

We have seen a few USB cable issues. Can you try with another USB cable? Also, it might be worth to try with another computer/laptop if possible.

I have tried a working usb cable and my laptop. It didn’t work, log shows the same data.


Do you still have an issue? Unfortunately we’ve been very busy with other projects during the recent week or so. If the situation has not progressed, I might be able to help you over the weekend. There is a need to implement a service feature that also refreshes the profile and hardware settings at every boot anyway in case there is a software issue.

Actually, I was able to make such special firmware - lets continue in private.

Hey Mika,

Yeah I still have the issue, that would be great and I am looking forward to it.

We were able to solve the issue. While the exact cause is still unknown, we do have some ideas. There is a special firmware available directly from us now that can be used to unbrick a Simucube 2 device.


Great work Mika. Well done!

Brilliant that @Laci821 could get up and running again without having to ship the servo back to base :+1:

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Indeed, tested heavily on Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally 2.0 and RaceRoom. The wheelbase works wonderfully :smile: , all thanks to Mika!