Trouble With Simucube 2 Pro

Hey Guys,

I’ve been having a few issues getting my Simucube 2 Pro to talk to the True Drive software.
Currently I have it plugged in and it seems to come up as a generic game device in the Windows USB Game controllers screen (See attached picture).


After doing some research as well it seems I might have issues similar to This Thread and that seemed to require a separate firmware update.
If you need any more information let me know.

Here is my logfile aswell from the truedrive software.

14:01:31.315: Opened style file
14:01:31.824: Warning: QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_wirelessbutton_clicked()
14:01:31.836: wheel image: attempting to load:  "wheels/wheelimage.png"
14:01:31.850: "C:/Users/User/Desktop/Simucube_2_True_Drive_2020.1/simucubeprofiles.ini"
14:01:31.853: "C:/Users/User/Desktop/Simucube_2_True_Drive_2020.1/profiles_autobackup.ini"
14:01:31.856: "C:/Users/User/Desktop/Simucube_2_True_Drive_2020.1/profiles_autobackup.ini"
14:01:31.880: loadIncludedFirmwareVersion: included 1.0.15
14:01:32.830: EULA previously accepted.
14:01:32.838: Disconnected state
14:01:32.843: unable to open device, pid:  3423
14:01:32.848: unable to open device, pid:  3424
14:01:32.853: Connected to SC2 Sport
14:01:32.856: reconnected
14:01:33.359: disconnection2askstatus
14:01:33.362: disconnection due to status update read failure.
14:01:34.821: Disconnected state
14:01:34.824: pid 3425
14:01:34.830: reconnected
14:01:35.333: disconnection2askstatus
14:01:35.336: disconnection due to status update read failure.
14:01:36.825: Disconnected state
14:01:36.832: pid 3425
14:01:36.837: reconnected
14:01:37.342: disconnection2askstatus
14:01:37.345: disconnection due to status update read failure.
14:01:38.830: Disconnected state
14:01:38.835: pid 3425
14:01:38.840: reconnected
14:01:39.344: disconnection2askstatus
14:01:39.347: disconnection due to status update read failure.
14:01:40.820: Disconnected state
14:01:40.824: pid 3425

This looks like some kind of a driver issue on your computer. Never seen that generic name showing like in your game controllers screen.

Which motherboard and what other software do you have installed? Also, have you tried turning Simucube off and on again after Windows has started?