Simucube 2 Profile Online Early Access

Just had a quick go with the new online Profile, And I like it, very intuitive and easy to use.

My only minor gripe, I downloaded a profile and used it, but could not Adjust the wheel strength in TD, Got round it by making my own profile to match with the adjusted setting. A live setting here would be less long winded.

Great stuff, Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Can you describe this a bit more? You added the profile into your own profiles, then edited and click “Edit FFB” button and it wouldn’t change the strength there?

I downloaded the SC2 profile early access file, ran the file and the file appeared to load. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise this version wasn’t generally released. So, I’m not able to open this version.

My question is, how do I revert to version 2020.10 as get the following message when double the 2020.10 application:

You should be able to use the _Classic.exe version just fine. Except for a slight change regarding detecting an Online Profile being in use that broke the compatibility, it is exactly the same as 2020.10.


Many thanks for your reply.

When I open the _Classic.exe version I get the following screen and I am not able to reset the wheel position. Is this now correct and am I able to use the pro 2?

Hmm, that is unexpected. You can downgrade the firmware and software using the instructions here:

but please save the profiles_autobackup.ini file as downgrading will reset all settings back to default and deletes your profiles.

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Many thanks again.

I’ll give this a go.

At the second look, you might have the _online app running as a tray icon shortcut, and that definitively doesn’t work correctly and thus launching the classic exe will show non-functional online version too. You’ll just need to shut down the online from the tray also.

Hi Mika,

If I download someone else’s Online Profile, in this case “RF2 Baseline”, Add it to mine, Activate it, Their version is Locked, with no “edit ffb” option Available.

It’s no biggie, My work around works for now.

I’m gonna leave everyone in Peace :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays Everyone, See you in the New Year.



I’ve followed the instructions and the screen is back to normal.

I bet you don’t get this type of quality service at Fanatec!

Especially at 20.20 GMT on Christmas Eve!

Many thanks Mika. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


Ah yes.

Please use the “duplicate” button in viewing that profile, that will create a profile directly with the same settings.

I just did some Christmas Eve debugging on the detection of another app instance. It seems that it is somehow broken on the current Windows version and the MSVC 2019 compiler, and we need to wait for 3rd-party fix for that. But at least the tray icon will work normally in the next release, the already running instance just won’t be able to activate when clicking the shortcut again.

Strength does somewhat depend on the game but setting by NM is a good start for equivalency however with most games the final results will vary… iRacing uses a different system than pretty much every title out there so it adds another layer of complexity to the equation. In that you can match ANY wheel strength to another through Specific output… However with that matching lower powered wheels are also more likely to clip… These settings unfortunately cannot really be translated directly to the SimuCUBES unless their systems override the iRacing standard setting…

Anyway if you want to find out pretty much all about the iRacing Strength system you can click here

The only bit I’m struggling with at the moment is clarity as to whether changes have been applied/saved/whatever…

Is it just the case that whatever profile has the tick for Active will be live? To be honest, the classic version wasn’t much clearer in this respect - you’d make a change and press the ‘Save settings to Simucube’ button and not really get positive confirmation such as an audible ping, pop-up dialogue or state change on the button appearance (it would stop flashing, admittedly)…

As an aside, my vote would still be to retain the Nm max torque readout alongside the slider percentage. For rf2 it makes updating the your_controller.JSON a breeze.

The tick mark is the active profile on the device. Settings save to a profile when you click the save button in the online user interface.

@Mika - thanks, that’s fine.

About detecting another instance running, a well accepted solution is to create a system Mutex at startup; then other instances can check if the mutex already exists and exit inmmediately. Maybe this can help you and not wait for a 3rdParty library fix if this is the case.

Kind regards!

Yeah, that is actually what the 3rd party library is doing, its just that the online version is not set up to use it in this release. I’ve now fixed it. However, passing a message through the channel does not seem to work at the moment (to bring the previous instance into foreground), and I’m not quite sure why.

I have finally been able to try the new beta, I must say the online part is really well done, only thing was the Import process of old profiles, it took a while to understand how to.
I have a suggestion : given that, as well all know, setting a DD wheel to work as intended still needs a lot of editing of ingame files, it would be really useful to include such txt files ( the usual .ini, .json etc) to an uploaded profile, otherwise the user will always need to rely on the forum to find them (maybe this function is already present and I have missed it).


Thanks for the suggestion. We included the “game settings” field for this, but it would make sense to include game files as well. We are thinking on ways how to do it to avoid having to moderate / pre-approve all files according to EU Copyright Law’s Article 17.

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