Simucube 2 Profile Online Early Access

A first beta/early access release has been made in the FB users group a few days ago, with overwhelming positive feedback.

Profile Online is now enabled for Simucube 2 Sport&Pro Revision 1 drivers as an early access special edition feature, and for all Simucube 2 Ultimate drivers.

Release includes a Classic mode that will enable working with profles as previosly, but it will be superceded with offline caching of online profiles or similar feature in the future.

Exporting all profiles in classic mode (each into its own file) and importing settings when creating profile (when adjusting FFB settings) in Online can be used to migrate your existing profiles.

Here is a link to the release, press the Download link to download.

edit: download removed to imminent release of next version. Stay tuned!

Known issues:

  • sometimes a white screen will be shown when starting the online version. Relaunching will correct the issue.
  • tray and trayminimized command line parameters / shortcuts do not work for the Online version yet, it is being fixed for next release.
  • When unpublishing a profile from online, a warning about publishing will be shown.
  • When left idling for a long time, the Online functionality becomes non-functional. Right-click -> reload fixes this. Will be fixed for next release.
  • Simucube 2 hardware revision indicator is not being updated correctly for Revision 2 units.

Feedback can be sent/written here, or via the separate Feedback button/dialog in the software.

Roadmap for near future:

  • add/update the tile pictures for several simulators
  • fix known issues
  • add a “car class” indicator overlay image on top of the tile for easier profile identification
  • :arrow_right:next beta release (possibly also for R2 units)
  • implement offline caching, remove classic profiles mode
  • :arrow_right:non-beta release.

Just installed on a Pro R2. Firmware just updated with the beta4, and the info page in the True Drive classic says Revision 1.


Good catch, that field is not being updated correctly for Revision 2 units. It is safe to use the Classic mode for all units, there is no beta code in that version other than some changed version number fields.

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hi Mika, I need to ask you something : I am fairly confident I will never need to use the online function of TD, I always use one profile per sim and I tend to edit some values only when major sims updates are made, so I need to know for certain if
1 - migrating existing profiles from classic TD will be possible with ease
2 - the chance to work on profiles values on the fly when driving (alt+tab to TD) will be mantained, along with the Copy, Import and Export functions of current TD.
3 - it will be easy to find our pre-existing profiles once into the online mode, I have yet to understand how it works to be honest.
I’m asking all of that because if some of those things won’t be granted in the future, I will consider to stick with the last non-online TD version, the current 2020.1
thank you.

All will be as before, except for a separate export/import function.

I encourage to try the online.

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It works great for me except my free sync monitors drop from 144hz to 50hzish when its the active window. i have a 9900k and rtx3080 so i have heaps of pc grunt.

An old issue is back for me with the device getting stuck in ‘waiting for drive…’ mode. Not sure why yet.

Thanks for the report about freesync. Will be investigated, but might be something in the underlying technology that we can’t change.

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Similar FPS issue here with NVidia G-Sync. FPS drops from 144 at desktop to 25ish when the TD-online window has focus. Takes maybe 10 secs after minimising the window for it to recover.

My only other comment at this point is that it’s too easy for eager bleeding-edge adopters to install TDO without first backing up their TDC profiles… Don’t ask me how I know…:roll_eyes:

The Classic profiles are not overwritten by the online profiles.

Ah! Thanks @Mika. I tried searching for a .ini file to re-import but must have missed it. Will check again.


Congrats to all you guys for squeezing this early release out before x-mas, really looking forward to have a look later today!

Merry X-Mas all!

What I did was -
Open “Simucube 2 True Drive Classic.exe” instead of the online version, export each of my profiles as separate .ini files, then went back to the online version of TD and import each of my profiles.

When I add an online profile to my profile library, do I need to duplicate the added online profile in order to edit the ffb settings?

I supose I’m one of the rest…

When it will be available for everybody?

I think the next version, but unsure when we get to compile one after fixing issues. Maybe in mid January.


Yep. That’ll be the ‘patient’ route. I fell into the ‘Ooh! Shiny!’ Jab-install-button not-so-patient route…:flushed:

Haha! That’s exactly where I started too :rofl: