Simucube 2 Pro | No FFB | Overvoltage error 140404

My SC Pro is behaving really weird suddenly.

In iRacing I notice my steering wheel wasn’t responding at all.
I closed the session, looked in True Drive and everything was looking ok.

Suddenly I noticed this error:
E-Stop is Released. Motor Faults (Cycle E-stop to clear): Overvoltage Power Stage Forced Off Fault Location ID: 140404

I don’t see this error everytime I start True Drive, but the weird thing is in High Torque Mode I don’t feel any FFB, while with High Torque Mode disabled I do feel a lot of resistance (not in game, just in Windows). It did sometimes provide a little bit resitance and then make the clipping sound on a good swing, but it doesn’t do that anymore either.

I’ve rebooted my machine multiple times, as the device, as the software. Tried Classic and Paddock. I hope this can get fixed. Doesn’t feel like it.

If you cleared the fault by cycling the e-stop, did you get FFB back even momentarily, or what happened?

I believe I didn’t get back the ffb although for a short moment there was this behavior of very little feedback and the clipping sound on quick movement. I don’t remember exactly when that happened. Atm I can’t reproduce it, neither the error. It’s just completely dead at High Torque Mode. It does detect the rotation though.

is this a Pro with one or two PSU units?

It has 2 PSUs. One of the last ones. Purchased about a year ago

Is it possible that the device rebooted, and high voltage causing the overvoltage fault was generated due to you trying to steer the car, preventing it from restarting.

Can you check that you still have LED on in both PSU units and that the mains AC power cords are well plugged in?

It is possible that I was moving the steering wheel when rebooting, because it didn’t respond at all initially and that made me a bit nervous. I’m not sure though, because I typically just give it some time to boot. The error also occurred a couple of times and I can’t believe I tried to steer a couple of times on reboot.

The cables are connected and the lights on the PSUs are on. I have been using the device yesterday without any issues.

I will think overnight on what might be happening, but please check the profile that you have on the device, and also settings in the simulator, so we can be sure that it should be in a working state.

I’ve tried a couple of profiles. Default and my usual profiles. Changed the torque, “start everything’s from scratch”, “reset ffb device state”. I didn’t notice any change.

I had some time to test more today and I have to confirm it was user error! I can reproduce the error message when rotating the wheel on booting, so I must have been too impatient and was turning the wheel on reboot, because it didnt work initially. I still dont know why it didn’t work, but lets assume it wont happen again.

I thought the FFB was broken, because when I turned on the High Torque Mode in True Drive, without being in the game, the resistance is gone. Apparently this is normal behavior, but I never realized that until now. Today I tested in the game and it just works fine.

Thanks for the prompt support and apologies for the misunderstanding! :slight_smile:

If you set desktop centering Spring -> Centering Strength to a value higher than off, you’ll feel some resistance in the wheel, even when not in a sim (and the wheel will try to center itself)

Thanks for the suggestion!

I had same error but it happened after I exited raceroom, the wheel just went nuts and spun freely eventually stopping on its own. I went into the software and saw the error.

I hit estop, power cycled and it went away.
I play more raceroom tomorrow and see if it happens.

I have never seen this happen before and today was first time in raceroom for many months.

Happens here too with R3E.