Simucube 2 general settings discussion

Hi all. Newbie here. Just purchased a SC2 Ultimate and wondered if there was one place with SCREEN SHOTs for the optimum FFB by game title?

So one image of SC2 settings and one image of in game settings.

I can see there are lots of discussions - but wouldnt it be a good idea to have a sticky/ other where everyone could go to get best settings - we call all try then comment?

Pro settings would be fine as a starting point.

Titles im interested in include




Optimum FFB settings do not exist, as the experience of FFB and what different Drivers expect from the FFB feel are different from person to person.

However, the next public True Drive release will include some templates for users to try for some titles.


Thanks for listening to the less experienced virtual drivers!!!

All your help to configure SC2 is welcome

After around hundred twenty hours with ultimate I can tell you this.
None of those games force feedback is prepared for power, speed and acceleration of those Motors, without any filters it’s like driving with power hammer in the hands.
Thankfully GD Team gave us those very realistic feeling filters. I found dumpling, friction and inertia to be minimum at 15% each. Static Force reduction filter for me is useless filter; you ending up with less forced to turn so lighter Force Feedback but that annoying bump steer is even more abrupt, I wish this filter would be other way around, to filter out those bum steers and jolts without affecting steering effort. A race car drivers usually prefer steering to be heavier simular to brake pedal for more precise control and muscle memory. For example is easier to feel and remember difference Between 1kg and 10kg then 1kg and 1.5kg I hope it makes sense to you. Also try those filters without even going into the game just applying one of them and moving steering wheel fast and slow you will feel efect off it. so when you’re driving and you don’t like something about force feedback you will know which filter will change that feeling in which way.


I feel the same about Static Force Reduction, at the end not using it in any of my profiles. I prefer a Filter working the other way like your description


Sorry, but I do not agree, SFR is a huge step forward for me, now I can use some cars that were undrivable before, like TCR or WTCC (among others) in RF2 and most of cars in RRE.
Your settings in AC are very good and they can be used without SFR (not for all cars for me) only because you added a 21% of slip effect.
For me SFR represents the most important reason to buy an SC2 for OSW owners


AC settings from Sim Racing Garage

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iRacing Settings from Sim Racing Garage

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PC2 settings from Sim Racing Garage

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Would be good to get everyones view on the above - confirming which Motor you have?

I am running Ultimate so may need to bring the force down a bit.

Does anyone have rF2 or AMS settings you can post for testing?

rFactor 2 settings from Oliver on this forum

The way you described the static force reduction filter is (almost) exactly how power steering works.

I never came across power steering system that on bump or curb ripping steering wheel from my hands.
Overall strength slider works much better in this regard.


Why not use overall strength slider if steering forces are too heavy? With Static Force Reduction filter all that totally unrealistic bump steer is even stronger and worse part of it when car gets out of shape this self aligning force is not filtered because it’s not static so it feels like passenger grabbing steering wheel and correcting for you with much stronger Force than turning Force. I wish we had jolt reduction filter to get rid of this annoying bump steer in every sim.
That’s my opinion and I know everybody is different for me SFR is a gimmick that makes things much worse.


Exactly why I’ve been limiting overall FFB output in True Drive rather than using Static Force Reduction, I don’t need 32nm spikes from bumps, crashes and counter steer moments.


I just got into rf2 and use 1.5% damping and .5% friction in Simucube 1. I noticed that same thing. I really like the FFB when driving but the reaction of the wheel when you use a curb, put 2 wheels on grass or even hit a sizeable bump, the wheel snapping out of my hands is over done. Supposedly there’s some json file settings you can use to cut this down so gotta hunt those down.

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try this just leave Static Force Reduction filter at 0%


I don’t have a SC2. I’m on a SC1.

Hi Robert . for SC1or SC2. on the grass or anything off track bumps etc .set your controller profile ,Off-road multiplier to 0.1 . it maybe on 0.4 . also set your …Jolt magnitude to 0… also make sure rf2 is closed when making these changes, or they will not take effect…:grinning:


Thanks man! I’ll give it a go tonight and report back.