Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


Not all AC effects are canned.

Ultimately though, it is personal preference. Drive over the grills down the middle of the Imola pit with ‘kerb’ and ‘road’ off and then again with them on.


What’s the deal with engraved Simucube logos on the Ultimate? I remember the blog saying it wouldn’t happen due to time constraints in manufacture but the unit I received from Jed is engraved. However the Ultimate a friend took delivery of yesterday has sticker logos on it :thinking: Were there a couple of different batches?


Some of them had successful engraved logo, but some not. We decided to not risk further delays and used a sticker instead. All were from the same batch, its just that there were difficulties…


Current software things in work:

  • add profile button will popup a menu with a template profile selector and additional text field to point to simulator specific settings.
    – todo: the actual templates
  • True Drive CPU consumption is reduced by pausing wheel UI graphics updates on the first tab when the tab is not active, and also reducing the rate to 2/s when the app is not the the active window.
  • resonance reduction measures for all models
  • simple UI with just a few slider settings available by default


Thanks for the notice :+1:t2:


There’s another feature for TD I’d like to request;
when I play around with settings and I don’t like something, I cannot easily revert back to the old setting (at least, not that I know of). It would be nice if you can undo the previous change, or if you make a change, a copy of the original profile would be made so that you can always select the original profile to revert back to the previous settings.

Now, sometimes I forgot what the original value of the setting I changed was and the only sure way I know to get back to the original value, is switching TD off and on again.


you can always export profiles to a ini files as backup, and spy from that file what the original setting might have been. Also, whenever you click save settings -button, a automatic backup ini file is written.

If there is traffic on the usb bus or something and the True Drive misses a status update, it will load all profiles from the device again, so the backup function would need to survive over this type of event as well.

I’ll put this as an idea to think about how to implement such thing. Maybe pressing save button would destroy the backup, as well as switching profile too. Lets see…


I don’t know who came up with the static force reduction setting but he needs a raise. That setting alone is a total game changer.:grinning:


Quick update: today we pinpointed the source of high pitched loud resonance noise that sometimes occurs in SC2 Ultimate in some installations. This problem will gone in the next software upgrade :+1:


Hi guys, the orders made around mid-June will be part of the 2nd or 3rd batch? July or August delivery? I made mine on 16th June for the Sport model.
I am asking because some vendors states on their webshop that all orders made from June 12th to 27th will be delivered during July, while others (like the one where I bought from) are saying generally “August”, therefore I don’t understand if this is somehow related to the specific vendor or what else.
Thank you very much.


Hi! If you are in second or third Bach only your reseller can say it.

In theory the second Bach could be sending near to 28 week. This is the information that I have.


28 week from now means 7 months, so around january 2020…pretty sure you meant something else


I believe he meant week 28 of 2019. That puts it at the week of July 8th. I ordered my SC2 Pro from Simtech on June 4th and Jed told me that he expects to possibly receive the 2nd batch on July 12th.


all right, that makes more sense :slight_smile:
ordered mine on June 16th from Racewerk, really hope to receive it before august…


Ask your reseller. Only he knows.


Just done MX5 race and the feel of the car was soooooo nice with Beano settings on Pro. I wish i could have same feeling with GT3 and GTE cars. And Porshe CUP would be super nice to drive it with same level of feeling.


I want to ask a simple questions, I’ve read one post on facebook made by a Simucube vendor in which is stated that (quote) " there is a 3 week delay on the previously advised delivery date : this now means that batch #2 is estimated to leave the factory during week 31 (by the 2nd of August)."
Do you have any info at this regard?

Thank you.


Hello Pavel,
Don’t be afraid to play with the basic settings, things like Damping, Friction, Inertia and Reconstruction Filter.

If you can post a screenshot of your settings, as well as telling how the car is behaving, vs what you ideally want, perhaps we can give you a few pointers :wink:



Well, i lowered inertia to 30 and static force reduction to 15 from 10 and now it’s much better filling inside corner on GT3. I can make laps within 0,1-0,3, i’m still slow :slight_smile: but it is more controllable car for me.


Again, can we have an official statement about the delay in delivery for the 2nd and 3rd batch?