Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


I reserved a SC2 ultimate in Augury, but they don’t have notice about when they coming…
Other seller has received the product and dispatch to the owners.

Have you any information??


When did you reserve it Julius? As far as I know all of the batch 1 SC2’s have already shipped.


In the first Bach, in theory


The first batch has been shipped. Contact Augury.


I did it.
And the response of Agury was: no notice


What was the actual date you preordered on? That should give us an idea of which batch you should be in


Augury has not received any SC2 ultimate yet, and has no news of GD when it will be.

This is the official response of Agury to me

maybe they did not send him to Augury

I don’t know.


I can’t remember if Augury was the reseller that was announced after the initial launch in which case I’d imagine their stock will be from Batch 2.


I thought that was DSD Simon


Could be right Bertie :thinking:


tnx, can you also share your ingame ffb settings please?



A couple questions on the ultimate.
The power supply should be turned off using it’s switch when done for the day? That is what I have been doing (but I never turn off my PC power supply).

Is there anywhere to get extra QR pins if needed?

What gauge is safe for the power supply cable? I’m using one with 16awg but just wanted to double check.


The wheel is great so far. Right away I could tell its smoother than the 30nm mige.


I’ve been leaving the PSU on and using the on/off switch on the e-stop.


Same here, mine has been on since I got it many months ago :wink:


I don’t understand why many disable dampening in the direct forces of Assetto Corsa when this effect is used by the game also for Gyro.


In his case it makes non difference as he isn’t using gyro. The only other thing is damping while parked, which well, is not something you’re going to miss anyway.


I’d recommend disabling the “Effects”, they’re canned effects and generally of low quality.


Tnx for sharing, i will give them a go on my Pro :blush:


do you mean in game settings “Effects” ?