Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


Anyone had their wheel re center itself 180 out every time you turn it on? I waited until I had tried it a bunch of times and its 180 out every time from where I shut it off.


For those with vibration or noise issues. Have those issues been cleared up with new Firmware, or settings changes? I seem to recall Granite was working on new Firmware to address noise issues? Thanks.


There was a delay releasing the firmware, I’m hoping it’ll be this week now.


Current solution for me is to turn the direct input filter to zero.
Well not a solution, more a workaround.


This plug in the USA for the Ultimate ??


It looked like simracingbay included US Cable for me. same one like yours was inside simucube box


Not a big deal. I have some and don’t want to deal with DHL again lol.


It’s not a big deal but I do think for the price they should be shipping with the correct power lead in the box. I’m just glad Jed had the foresight to stock up on UK power plugs for his units.


Currently all manufactured units come with EU plugs from our factory. We have not planned to change this in the near future.

If you receive any other than EU plugs, that means that our partner has added those to the packet.


He forgot me then. Lol.


And me too!

No big deal though :smile:


Really, mine had Euro plug :frowning:

Fortunately I have a fancy cable I used for the SS2 from an old audio setup.




Nice and tidy, love it :ok_hand:t2:


So Mika posted on May 28th that the next batch of SC2’s would likely slip toward the end of June due to long lead times on parts required for production. As we are nearing the end of June, are we still on track or are there further delays?



Difficult to say where that is written, but our estimate to ship from our factory is at the end of week 28.


As tidy as I can be bothered to get it for now :joy:


Looks good! What’s that black mesh stuff called, which you used to wrap the cables in?


Self wrapping cable sleeve, got mine from here as this stuff you can cut fairly neatly with scissors where as most require a hot-knife :