Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


So maybe GD had different suppliers during production because some received nice, thick cables with ferrite cores and others like you and I got the cheap ones :thinking:

I opted to buy my own cable rather than use the one that I received.


product EMC tests were done with a cable without ferrites.


I’m not complaining about the cable, Mika. I would have changed it anyway as I needed something a fair bit longer.

I think it’s more a case of users trying to understand why we may have received different cables and finding out why that happened.


Yes I’ll be changing mine too for a longer one too.

Just had my first drive with the Ultimate, coming from an SS2 its very good. I love the slew rate setting and overall it felt to me more like having tyres. This was with the Skip in iRacing.

I’m looking to playing more :slight_smile:


Question. Did you have to pay DHL any tax or fee ?


Yes. Something around $35


I wish DHL got me 161 dollars but im fighting it. I still had to pay to get it released but its in dispute.

Just so everyone is aware this has nothing to do with GD or anyone else its completely DHLs fault for being to lazy to just google simucube and verify that it is a game controller. Tomo is going out of his way to help me with this.


Join the club! :frowning:

I had to pay brokerage and handling fees on almost all shipments from Granite devices and other EU businesses.

It did not Matter if it was UPS, DHL or TNT.
By the way TNT is the WORST!!! Shipments would sit at JFK airport in New York for days before TNT would get it cleared.


Working on Asseto Corsa setup


Dampening filter above 12% on Ultimate motor introduces micro vibrations when input is slow and light, above 35% very noticeable while driving.

Friction works beautiful really consistent and natural although I didn’t need it for assetto.

Inertia… wow it’s like adjustable flywheel on steering column simulating weight of suspension and steering
assembly, very natural filter, I love it.makes Assetto Corsa Force Feedback feel very real. To me at least.

Static force reduction works kind of one way, so when the force is reduced while turning then any loss of traction like over driving and trying to keep it on the edge of grip, this filter makes it unpredictable, because self centering forces are not reduced so any slipp angle comes with to aggressive feedback, will play with it more tomorrow.

I’m sorry for my English


This was the first time for me. Ive never paid on anything before. But id say DHL is at the top of my list at this point for crappy service. Took me 4 days and probably 20 phone calls to finally get it delivered. Finally got here last night at 8pm.:grinning:


Are the “Simucube 2 Ultimate and early access filter” an actual hardware restriction? Can the servo in the ultimate something the Pro and Sport can’t (or the processors)?


Any information on the status of the 2nd batch? Has the 2nd batch been sent to resellers yet by chance?


All I have to say is all the screwing around with DHL was worth the wait. Great job on the new bases!!!Im loving the Ultimate.


Good news! :):smiley:

I am hoping to have an Ultimate in a few months.
I figured I would hang back and let some others find the little Gremlins this time. :slight_smile:
I know the Granite boys are working endlessly to make SC2 the best DD wheel we have ever encountered!!



Only Barry could make a 30 minute + video on swapping a QR out :laughing:


I came from a big mige and the ultimate just does everything better. You wont be disappointed.


Love his vids, best ones out there, but did have to watch this one on accelerated speed on YouTube. :slight_smile:


Hasta agosto creo que no hay previsto que vuelva a haber stock