Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


Yep, all good. Don’t be afraid to reduce Torque Slew Rate Filter, some even likes it as low as 0.1 - 0.25 on cars with direct (non-power steer) steering.

To reduce mid-corner torque, you can increase Torque Reduction Filter to 20-50%, whatever you fancy. And remember, you can still set Torque Reconstruction Filter 5 - 8, it is all about the feel you prefer, so do not be afraid to play with these key filters :slight_smile:


Guys, will leaving the 2x power bricks permanently powered up on standby cause any harm?


The high quality Mean Well units conform to the strictest standards for the US market, i.e less than 0.5W no load idle power consumption.


Thanks, Mika.

Just wanted to make sure that I don’t cause any harm to the equipment :slightly_smiling_face:


hi all, little ot but still related to sc2 : days ago I bought a SC2 Sport from the guys at Racewerk, so I basically preordered a unit of the 3rd batch - if I remember correctly - which is due to delivery during august.
Question : is there a (almost) precise date when it will begin 3rd batch delivery to the vendors?
Asking because all I can read now is generally “august” with no specification at all on the date.
Thanks a lot.
ps. Maybe it has already been answered, in which case I apologize for my laziness :slight_smile:


We do not know the exact date when the some of the components will arrive at the factory, so it is impossible to give exact dates at this point in time. Its not like we are magically storing components just waiting for assembly - and not that we can schedule the assembly line on day-by-day basis either.


allright thanks Mika. at least you think august deadline for 3rd batch will be met? Just to know if I can hope to receive the Sport within the month of august or if there are chances it could slip to september or even later.


August is the best I can say right now. Of course something unexpected that can happen - we don’t get parts that we have ordered, or the parts do not work, or something like that. Or if an asteroid strikes our factory&warehouse.


allright, nevermind. seems like it’s not the right time to ask something about that topic.
t’s not the first time though I got some very bitter answer from you Mika.
thank you anyway.


I wasn’t meaning to be bitter. You asked that is there a chance of delay, and I answered with the range of possibilities that could happen. My apologies if you didn’t understand some sense of humor in my answer…


My bad Mika, sorry. Really hope everything will go smoothly as planned, but I am sure it will. Cannot wait to put my hands on it :slight_smile:


Well, not sure about parts, but Bruce Willis can help you with asteroids :smiley:


Yeah, those darn asteroids. Such a nuisance. Happens to me all the time.


Finally My ultimate came in yesterday no issues mounting the steering wheel


But I got that chip USB cable???


That’s some angle you have the wheel at! I’m guessing you sit quite high up in relation to it?


Exact steering column angle and sitting position from our time attack car


I think the usb cable you receive is chosen and put into the package by the reseller.

As I understand it, GD do not supply a cable.


Tomo from SimRacinBay told me that is included from Granity


Yeah I must agree I was a little surprised with the “quality” of the USB cable on my Ultimate.