Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


We do it as a team here.


First of all, please excuse my impatience.
31.5. several e-mails that on my engine what is not right
4.6. package back to Tomo 46€
6.6. package arrived
7.6. Tomo confirms that the engine has play.
waiting for reply from GD
17.6. renewed request to Tomo if there is anything new
English is not my mother tongue so I hope there will be no misunderstandings. Translators are not always good.
I would simply like to know how it goes on.
Friendly greetings

Translated with


what do you think I can expect an answer to?


Simucube, please respond. I feel left alone.


You do realise it is early morning in Finland. Most of the team works flexi-hours due to very long days and often nights :wink:

I am sure Tommi or one of the hardware-guys will get back to you.


yes, that would be nice. I carry the problem now already since the 31.5 with me
Thank you


Feel free to contact Granite Devices support, the previous word at or ticket in here.


okay, thank you. I did. I just want to know how things are going. If I have understood everything correctly my engine should be with you.


Okay, just new message from Tomo. He cares and I am grateful
Thank you Tomo


Hi everyone,

I’ve got a Simucube 2 Sport on the way very soon which I’m really excited about. I’m getting a steel plate made up to mount the motor to my rig so could someone be kind enough to tell me what the hole spacings are (width and depth) for the included motor mount? Many thanks!


There is no motor mount unless you buy one with the unit from the distributor. The illustrated picture is not made by Grainte Devices.


Tommi, thanks for the reply, I wasn’t aware of that.




So i’ve tryed your setting recon8, D-10,F-10,I-30, static reduction 10,rate limit off, LL-15. And i kinda like it in GT3 (merc at least)

Any suggestions for Porsche CUP car? with this setting wheel is just jumping around like crazy :slight_smile:


You can try Recon 5, D between 40 and 50, F 15, I 25. Keep the rest as is. That stabilises wheel for me with most cars at high torque.



Thanks! will try it tomorrow!
btw strength is 1:1 is case of cup car


Let me know if it gets a bit closer to your liking, so I know which direction to go :slight_smile:


Picia71, many thanks that’s appreciated.


Well it’s much better this way. But on Silverstone, i understand it’s bumpy road, but i still have to fight it, specially mid corner. And some slow corners it feels like i’m pushing through some rubber bumps. Like if u turn wheel till bumpstop and push it through (if you understand what i mean, English is not my native, so bit hard to find right words :slight_smile: ), but it feels like hard-soft-hard


So i’ve ended up with you BMW M8 setting from youtube on Porsche CUP car. It’s more or less ok for now…