Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


What do you mean by “sold out for sim racing”? Not enjoying it? If so I’d say it’s doubtful a Direct Drive Wheel will help. Whilst it’s cool using high-end gear it just adds to the fun, doesn’t create it. I’ve seen a lot of people pour money into their rig hoping the latest gear will be what kindles the flame but it doesn’t work like that, same as Golf or other hobbies.


Well my meaning was I’am totally in for simracing. :grin:I would not buy dd wheels,if would’nt be acdicted​:slightly_smiling_face:


Ah! Well in that case you’ve definitely done the right thing :facepunch:t2::joy:


how did you get pcars2 to work? I can steer but have no ffb at all no matter what.

Edit: fresh install of pcars did the trick.


for me, pcars2 has the most improvements with DD :wink:

rFactor2 feels also good, but depends of the mods Car/track, because there are to many crap.

With iracing i’m disappointed, not so much improvements there.


Are you using irFFB?


I tested it once, but with minimal ffb it was too strong for me.


You have two nm settings in iracing. Max force and wheel force.

Wheelforce is the maximum force of your wheel = 25nm for a SC2 pro

Max force is where you set how much force you want. And now it gets kind of confusing.

25nm wheelforce with 25nm maxforce = 1:1 setting.

If you want LESS force you have to UP the maxforce. 25nm wheelforce with 50nm maxforce = 50% force.

Maxforce 50nm means iracing does give out 50nm telemetry signals at 25nm (half) you set maxforce to 100nm, iracing gives 1/4 of force.

Pcars2 was great with simucube1 but at the moment it feels laggy and there is this horrible jiggle in every corner. But @Mika said pcars2 is untested yet. So I hope he can bring it at least to where Simucube1 was.


I tried the 911 RSR for the first time last night with my Pro and I was so impressed with the information coming through the wheel. Hands down the most satisfying car I’ve tried on iracing so far.


Its not working for me (360hz interpolated) but I need to test it with the latest firmware. It did make a horrible metallic sound with irffb enabled prior to 1.0.3.


I think you got it the wrong way around concerning maxforce and wheelforce. But apart from that, that’s how I also understand it works in iRacing.


I think its right? Was confused a lot by this but maxforce is the value you can adjust ingame in the blackbox so it must be the value to adjust the force output, no?


Im sorry, you’re right. I guess I got confused by it as well :wink:


Have all pre-orders already received simucube 2 (sport, pro). I have not received, I made an order 26.4 (simgear).

According to the dealer, they do not have the exact information when they can make the delivery. Asking this dealer was the answer, Granite has reported delivery in the June 2 or 3 weeks.

But Granite says that all pre-ordered products have already been delivered to resellers. Or is my order in the second batch.


Simgear orders are in the second batch.


OK, thanks for the information.


Any ideas on when the 2nd batch will get to dealers? Only curious because I have a few other parts I need to order and trying to match up lead times.


Just to let out my frustration.

As a pre-order I had given you my complete trust, but now…

After i had to myself degrease the motor shaft and the metallic noises issues i’ve reportet from day 1 could not be solved remotely, I now have, in order to have my base checked, send them back via a Courier on my own expense. But because that costs 160 € from Switzerland, I have, as agreed with the reseller, to send it during my vacation in Italy in one week, so it costs less because no customs clearance is in between.

I have done everything possible to describe my problem exactly. I think that I should long ago have received a replacement at my home, with a return label for the DOA servo! You should look at the problematic servo internally on your workshop and not leave it to me.

You harm your image because my case is being tracked by many users. Everyone is talking about how bad the support was in my case. It’s not up to me.

I’m really disappointed!


First of all, we are sorry for the issues you have had. It seems that the unit needs to be inspected for possible issues.

Have you contacted the distributor where you bought the product? We do not sell the units directly to the end-users. We have distributors and one of their function is to offer product support. Warranty related matters is one of their responsibilities with their customers. Their responsibility is to get the product from the end-user and send it to us if there is an issue with the unit that needs to be solved at our factory. Our responsibility is to fix issues that are covered under our warranty and return the unit to our distributor who will then deliver the product back to the end-user. This is the process we expect our distributors and end-users to follow. There is no other process if there is an issue that needs to be fixed at our factory.


Hi Tommi,

Thanks for your answer. Maybe it was not the right way to tell about my issue here, because it seems not to be much appreciated if someone means to have an issue with this product.

Because you asked me on a PN to tell you who my reseller is, so you can contact him, i can say, there is no need to do anything more now. As i wrote, i already contacted him by myself, like the procedure tells.