Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


So is there a particular order that should be followed for the SC2 and if so could you guys let me know what order you follow?

For example, do you power the unit on and then open True Drive or the other way around?

Also, do you leave True Drive open while driving or pick your profile and then close it?


I usually power on the wheel first, then open TD. But it also works the other way around.
I must add; though I can open TD with the wheel powered off, I cannot edit any of the values nor can I scroll through the menu’s. As soon as I power on the wheel and it has started up, the TD screens work as they should.

During my driving I have left TD open in the back ground because I’ve been continuously adjusting settings. I’m not 100% sure but I think you need to have TD open in the background for it to control your wheel during racing?


This is how it works, and this is the same way I am doing mine. Works without any issues, have since I tested the alpha versions.


Not required. Until we develop some interfaces with the games that need our software running… :wink:


thank you my friend, but on mine it’s still the same, clink clonk clank all the time


Like a g25? are you sure you the the new Software.
With 0.0.1 i have that too with the 0.0.3 not more


Thank you all for your support, but i’m sure there is something wrong with my SC2Pro, watch this comparison with my friend!

my SC2Pro vs other SC2Pro


Are you cleanig the QR?
Maybe your Wheel holder is now to tight to Engine.


I had to degrease the shaft, but i’m more then sure i left 5mm space between the qr and the motor. This should be enough.

Since I got it, I’m only faced with problems. We have already tried everything possible and I’m not the stupidest. Either my engine’ll be replaced with a new one, or I want my money back !!! I will not play any more betatester here.

Thank you all for your help, but enough is enough, i’m tired!


If the things you mentioned would upset you if they happened to you, you should wait and order later.

If you wait until any bugs have been worked out your chances of having issues are lower.
If you want to be one of the people that gets to contribute to trying to find little defects that need to be improved on then order now.

Just my opinion. Others will likely say something different.

And everyone should remember this is Granite Devices first DD wheel offering.
It is going to take a bit to work things out. It seems there was not enough Beta testing on the end product, but things will get worked out.

We resellers and DIY guys have much more experience dealing with the actual DD wheels as we have been doing it for several years now. We can help them turn it into an awesome product.

Granite has been supplying us with the Awesome components for I guess 5 years now.


Hi Everyone - I just watched the new Ascher Racing F28-SC Wireless Wheel review by Barry at . He loves the wheel and it worked flawlessly, but I also wanted to mention that those who believed Barry has an SC2 are correct… it’s a Pro! For the wheel test, he demo-ed how he hooked up the Ascher to the SC2 Pro and ran his test.

I was disappointed that he did not directly test the SC2 Pro yet, but I’m hoping that will come sooner rather than later, since I value his reviews. I do plan to check with Barry, to see when we may see his full test of the Pro. FYI…



A quick question to the Granite Devices staff if I may, did the pre-ordered Ultimates ship from the factory as expected on the 7th June?



I’m seriously doubting anything left the factory, Jed said he’d let me know when he’d been notified of shipping. Plus the news blog on Wednesday made it sound pretty unlikely.


Sorry nothingothing yet :confused:


Their delivery update webpage states that they shipped all SC2 Ultimates from the factory!


Yes, there is an update in the delivery status blog post :slight_smile:


Congrats on completing the first batch! Hopefully batch 2 gets started soon!


Hi all, I have been totally sold out for simracing and Iracing and after couple of months thinking I just ordered P1x rig and Sc 2 pro. My current wheel is thr tx with wheel stand pro and hopefully new era begins with dd wheel. Little bit nervous with all these complaiments qr staff etc. but hopefully everything goes fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers, Henkka


Wouldn’t worry very few isolated issues, I have one and its incredible . Night and day coming from a belt drive . You won’t be disappointed


Thanks Andy,really looking forward to dd wheels. I couple of months ago thought that,man these are expensive but hey,here I am and ordered😁.