Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


I am looking forward to what Mika finds.


Is it about the issues of removing grease on shaft ?


I am sure it is has nothing to do with the grease.


really? After all the issues i had to fight about since i got it?! unbelievable… i tell you, there is the devil inside this base! :wink:


Hi everyone, I present myself as a new user waiting for the simucube 2 PRO to be delivered to me, I am Francesco … a greeting to the whole community.


Franceeee sei tu? :):joy:


Francesco is my friend and i recommended him to buy the sc2pro, now i feel bad about that :frowning:


Yes Vincenzo, it’s me, quiet … I chose the simucube 2 for the previous direct drive … for sure they will solve your problem. :wink::+1:


Don’t feel bad about it, not all simucube 2 have this problem, I do not for example.
Hope Mika will solve this for you.
Did you had that problem from day one or did it appear once you cleaned the shaft or change settings ?


i’m in trouble since day 1


You can’t be serious. Never had anything even remote with Small Mige and I am on Argon.


Raceroom indeed sounded terrible, and it must have been felt as well.
AC on the other hand…i could not hear much wrong with that.
SC2 is a busier motor in general. It can transmit very fine vibrations and details if you have your filters set low.
It feels like it is so finely tuned that it could sing your fav song, and i am not joking with that.

OK, i have checked the video again in a quiet room…it is not normal, but indeed SC2 CAN do very fine stuff like you hear in both videos.


I had some M5x8mm bolts delivered today. That seems to have taken care of the clearance problems I had between the wheelside qr and adapter plate.

9mm would have been a better fit but 8mm will have to suffice for now. 10mm is too long.

You can see the threads are pretty chewed up from all the previous messing around, trying to get the supplied M5x10mm bolts to fit flush.

On to the next part and man, this 70mm adapter plate is a complete ballache.

The problem I have is that both my SRM adapter and the 70mm plate are threaded pieces.

I’ve spent 2 hours trying to get the faces of these 2 items to sit flush against each other with no luck.

I just cannot get the threads to start simultaneously in the 70mm plate and keep the two surfaces mated together. This leaves me with a gap between the two surfaces.

Doesn’t matter which bolt I start first, it immediately pushes the adapter plate upward due to the threading not being synchronised.

The bolts I’m using for this part are M5x14mm which are just right.

I can’t be arsed to mess around with it anymore and I’ll just have to use it as is until the guys get the redesigned part figured out.

@nicsos123 Sorry to hear about your issues. I hope you can get them figured out and fixed soon :slightly_smiling_face:


I am sure this is not the answer you looking for, but you can use a drill to clear the hole on the SRM adapter.
Having a thread on the shaft side is 100% normal in the motorsport world, they use no nuts on steering systems for a reason.


hi mika, thx for the remote session.

i just made a run on raceroom and the issue is still there.


OK, then its something else. We keep investigating!


just send me a new one that works pls!


If you so wish, you can take the support further with your reseller. We are investigating what could be wrong in your device, but our first idea didn’t prove to be correct.


Thank you, Atilla

I did consider drilling the SRM threads out but I would much rather sacrifice the adapter plate and keep the SRM intact.

I think I will look for an adapter that can use all 6 fixing bolts and also be able to fix them in from the backside as that will be the most logical way for my setup.


What DD wheel do you use to have that kind of noise with AC?
The only way to simulate something similar with Argon OSW was to set Friction to 100% with 0% filtering and even then it was more like a buzz not metal clunking.
I would never accept anything like that after owning smooth and quiet DD wheel.
Hopefully it’s just FW teething issue and not inherent problem with motor or board design as it was with cross talking on SimuCube.