Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


:joy: In all honesty it’d be unfair of me to comment on much other than the aesthetics of the HRS as it’s sat here waiting to be bolted onto the SC2. It does make a hugely satisfying clunk though :smiley:


I have this noise too in my sc2 sport when I driving Iracin, ACC and ETS2, the ffb feels good but you can feel the vibration of the noise and you can think something goes bad. I have this noise always not only when I goes to the direction stop


I am not close to my rig now…
but the motor is simply mount on simlab bracket, cable from PSU is not long enough to put it on ground. I am using SC2 Pro so there are two PSU, I am confusing why the design of PSU like this…I will add motion to my rig this month, thus I don’t want to add any unnecessary weight to the rig.


How do you guys mount the PSU on rig ? by stick it ? or other method for hard mounting ?


I found a photo shoot last night.
The PSU is not placed next to my pedal, the length is not long enough for it to touch the ground, it’s a hang man now…this is just one of it, I have two, now still struggling where to put the other one:(


mine are next to the rig on the ground :frowning: Cables are going through the screen holder arms and then down to the ground.


here are two examples:

Simucube 2 Pro noises on Raceroom

Simucube 2 Pro noises on Assetto Corsa

is that normal?


Shit, mine cable is just barely touch the ground vertical to the motor, not even go through the monitor arm for simple cable management…


This video show you how short it is, can’t even for simple cable management.


I have my PSU’s wired along the sides of my pedal plate with the PSU’s itself laying below my pedal plate. plenty of length that way.


my cable follows exactly the same way as your, but maybe my wheel holder is nearer to the bottom.


ok, that’s to much !!!

Issue while turn left

if no one has the same issues as me, then i want my sc2pro to be replaced!


The previously posted video of AC sounds normal to me.
Those are vibrations coming trough on bumps and kerbs.
If you do not want so many busy details you can use more filters, higher recon filter, more damping, ect.

The Raceroom video was done on the latest FW?


Firmware is the newest, before it was unplayable on raceroom

On AC it sounds near to the g29, this is not normal to me!!


Can you share your motor settings?



Would you change your settings for me and reupload some videos?

Torque bandwidth limit to unlimited
Recon filter to 5
Damping to 20%
Friction to 0

Do not bother about the Directinput effects, dial in “other filters” instead.


Ciao Nicsos.

Simucube 1 user here.
Although the whine when left steering is definitely not normal, I would suggest to increase the Recon filter (up to 4 or 5), and give it another try.
Also, (with iRacing) I am using 75% overall power, 2% (20% for you I guess) friction and 7.5% (75% for you?) inertia and 0.25% (2.5% for you) dampening).
If you want you can try these settings as well…

Note: thank you for your pcars2 custom ffb file, it’s EXCELLENT!!!


video, your settings and raceroom


We do have an idea what could be wrong in @nicsos123 unit, if there is anything wrong. A remote support session might be needed. Please check you private messages!