Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


a picture could be helpful, i’m also on P1


Yes mine is the same on the bumpstop and when driving some open wheelers on iR. it’s like a tingy ting ting sound.


is it the same type of sound as the beeps when you power up or when you enable high torque mode, or something else?


is there a way to uploat a short video here? I don’t like to post videos on my youtube channel for every litle thing


no, not really. But you can put them as “view only with a link”, or share a dropbox or other file service link, etc.


here it is:

It sounds the same while i’m driving. allways there on all games while on curbs or offroad.

My FFB settings:
True Drive 100%
Ingame 15-20%


think the bumpstop damper effect is not working still and should set to 0


I set it to 100% only to simulate the noise, but even with 0% the noise is still there


the bottom one that was set to 46


it’s the same at 0000%, OK? And the problem is not only on Bumpstop, but everytime ingame


No it’s more like a metallic sound that resonates inside the body of the motor. I can reproduce it on the bumpstop and it’s always present with chatty cars.

Edit - but not as prominent as in nicsos123’s video


Thanks, we will investigate this issue. Does that affect the feel of FFB on the Driver’s hands as well?


Hard to say, this is my first DD so nothing to compare too so I’m not sure if I am jus feeling the chatter from the game. Will experiment more. Feels and sounds great in all the tin tops I have driven so far though :+1:t3:


Hi Mr P, how would you quantify the differences of Brett’s QR over the QR1.

Oh and when are you going to come over and drive my yellow car!


I can not say with certainty, because my answer could be influenced by my imagination :wink:


It doesn’t affect the driving at all it’s just present when you lean on the bump stop my small mige does it

  1. It doesn’t look like I’ve hacked a bicycle apart to make a QR now.

  2. As soon as you’ve got it wrapped.



Lols Simon, you’ve got your clown-costume on again, I see :slight_smile:


Its probably a green one Phillip.


Well, between him and Gregor, anything’s possible… :blush: