Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


Is this an issue or does the Simucube 2 Pro sounds for ever like this? FFB feels goot, but the base sounds like there is a bell inside. At the end of the video I showed the ffb settings.


We have found a firmware issue that affects rFactor 2 and RaceRoom.

Expect a fix today :slight_smile:


will this work for simucube 1 users too?


does simucube1 sounds also horrible with raceroom?


Assetto Corsa FFB feels like this

and Raceroom FFB feels like this


There will be a fix for this today.


Thank you Mika.

Can you tell us in a few words what causes this noises? Is it mechanical?


I think that if it was something mechanical it couldn’t be fixed with a firmware upgrade.


The noise is a mechanical resonance. Underlying issue was that the special commands used by rFactor 2 and other ISI engine games was being channeled to that signal path on the servo drive that does not get filtered at all.

The issue was introduced just a few days before release.

Simucube 2 fix is available now:

Simucube 1 was not affected by the issue.


just tried it with raceroom and it works, just can hear a very light metallic hall from the base.

New issue, when i go back to the pit menu,the ffb continues to be there in loop.


The Simucube 2 didn’t run on Project CARS 2. Is it not supported?


The cleaning seem to have done the trick for the drifting center. Thanks Mika.:hugs:


We have tested it on Project Cars. Any particular issue?


i have no problems in PC2. It works well


mine works fine with pcars2, it takes it in a new level!


About the length of PSU cable, I found it is another issue on me…
I am using SimLab P1, the PSU cannot touch the ground…
And key point is, I am planning to add motion this month…that means a even bigger problem…


I’ve just solved the problem.
Thank you.


It was my mistake. I solved the problem.
Thank you.


Does someone also hear a quiet metallic noise from the base? I’s not that loud, but always there while FFB

You can reproduce it with a gentle touch of the Bumpstop set at 100%


So you don’t have space to mount the PSU’s on the alu profile uprights?