Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


I don’t understand what you mean


Thanks for making the video, nicsos.

Very helpful for those that might face the same issue in the future.


There is oil on motor shaft that will make hub slip under load. Degreasing motor shaft and internals of mounting hub was a standard practice for OSW and SC1 owners. Seems like that step was skipped at SC2 assembly line, hopefully will be addressed for the next batch.
You can use acetone (the best) or rubbing alcohol for that.


Looks like it does, it’s 70 mm pattern you just need to use bolts.
But why don’t you get in touch with Martin, he is super nice fella and can provide all technical details you need.


All we did to solve the issues was turn down the existing adapter to allow clearance for the back side mounting bolts M5 x 12 fit perfectly also this plate covers almost all fittings

We were going to manufacture these but If granite are going to come up with a solution there is no point


Jed, is this the plate that could be used as a complete replacement, whereby we remove both sides of the sqr and have this instead?


It has the 3 offset holes so that replace the SQR and is threaded to accept any Quick Release but the SQR works very well so it’s more to allow mounting to threaded wheel plates 70 and 50.8 mm you bolt it to the wheel first then bolt the SQR wheel side to the back
Or it has threaded holes to bolt into it from the wheel side if the wheel plate has no threads

Its 12mm thick so we would supply 12 16 and 20mm mm bolts


You are covering all the bases there, Jed!

I’d be interested in having one if you ever find it worthwhile to put them into production going forward.


Mounting the SQR was not a big deal at all for me. I used some additional washers for the 4 center bolts so they won’t stick out on the backside and cut the bolts with a dremel to the correct size.
The bigger issue for me is the cable length. (SC2 to power supply is way to short, cable management is nearly impossible)

I still dont know where to put my e-stop.


The problem is still there.

While I race, I can see how the center shifts, then i have to recenter it from the True Drive.


Most likely the step of de-greasing the shaft has been missed in the assembly process. This is a mistake and we are working to correct this in production.

You should remove the whole shaft coupler and de-grease the shaft and the coupler using alcohol-based cleaner, and then reassemble. Loctite is not needed for the bolts.


So this is a step every user should do? Can you recommend a specific detergent?


I feel like a beta tester and i’m nearly to give my simucube 2 Pro back and then wait for release 2.0.


I asked the same question.

It’s advised not to do anything unless you experience the problem for yourself.

See here:


As discussed when I collected my SC2, I’d like one of these Jed!


Will I lose the warranty if I remove that and can you explain how to do that?


Use the bolts in the two extra holes to push the clamp adapter apart.


and what about the warranty?


It will not void the warranty in this case.


Hello guys. Got my SC2 Pro today. I have trouble with Truedrive. It says FW Update is required but the process for doing that is not workable. Any hints to reconnect usb or power on/off didn´t help. Can somebody help me? Pictures Software see link.