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Is it normal, that i have to reset center position several times in a day?


no, it is not normal, and we are working on a firmware fix. However, is the center point shifting just slightly or always a complete rotation/revolution?


just slightly, 1-10mm


ok. That is not normal, but should be solvable if you tighten the conical shaft adapter behind the front plate of the wheel base side QR.


do you mean this?


Yes, open those and then tighten the bolts that then become visible.


@nicsos123 i had the same issue and did what Mika said just yesterday.
One remark: the 3 marked bolts on your picture are fixed with some locktite. So expect them to need some force to loosen them.


… or try to warm the pieces up a bit with a heatgun to melt the loctite.


shouldn’t need heating, as we are not using the red loctite.


Hey McErono, if you already have PSE rims is there any need to use the Simucube QR? It’s not as if they can take advantage of the wireless functionality.

I know it’s more expense but I’d honestly look at getting an HRS, I’m so impressed with the design of that and Brett supplies a lovely machined hub with mine to go into the SC2.

Here’s my GT1 and LMP eagerly awaiting their SC2 :joy:


I could easily use my existing Q1R QR’s - the point is I already bought additional Simucube QR’s for my wheels. each 45USD and now they seem useless. I am not spending more money for GD’s mistakes.

but I admit, thats looking good! :wink:


Are you from Europe? if I bought another I would buy them from you.


Which dealer? How much did it cost? Could you help me buy one?

I’ve been wanting one of those for the past six weeks, but they are almost impossible to find/buy.


Might as well use your Q1R and return the Simucube QR’s. I’ve got a spare 50mm Q1R for sale if you need one :smiley:


We are in progress of:

  • Making proper assembly guides of current SQR version
  • Designing improved versions of wheel adapters

Next up:

  • Prototyping new adapter version
  • Start volume production (assumingthe first prototype is good to go)
  • Implementing way to distribute them separately to the people who need them
    • One idea is that we set-up a web form where early SC2 owners could order new parts free of charge. We could also use resellers for distribution.
    • This topic is still open for discussion, but one thing is sure: users with wheel adapter problems won’t be left alone, and we’re certainly not attempting to make any profit out of replacement parts.
  • Make the new version default part in future SC2 units

PS thank you for your feedback and letting us know the experienced difficulties. We see the importance of the issue.

I hope this helps!


it is still missing to make the motor mobile without noise :wink:
that should be the most important!


did I do it right?
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Haven’t Martin Ascher already come up with one that seems like perfect solution for front and back mounting.

Just partner with him, nobody can be great at everything. Just focus on part you do the best.

As for power extension just get in contact with the dealer the wheel came from on that French youtube video I posted.


Could have degreased shaft while there.


Ascher’s adapter is a nice design and we like it! At least it works ideally for his wheel with back side screws.

My open questions about that design:

  • does it support mounting wheel from front side bolts?
    • if yes, does it solve screw length issue (screw must be almost exactly correct length). I don’t see how it would solve that.
  • is it an issue that it’s fully round (not like star shaped)?

Quick poll about 70 mm adapter shape requirement:

  • Adapter must be “star” shaped to fit all wheels
  • Adapter may be round with 80 mm diameter

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