Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


Care to share the design of your actuators?


Is removing the sticker on top allowed or does that invalidate the warrenty asking for a friend on Facebook :roll_eyes:


I can’t really comment on warranty. But it is not nuclear war proof glue either…


You could accidentally hold a hair dryer close to the sticker and it might accidentally peel off :thinking:

Just joking, by the way. I don’t encourage doing anything that might invalidate the warranty.


Ha, true Mika, I forgot that Ultimate had the only modular psu…my apologies for getting people’s hopes up :frowning:


anything will feel good after that :wink:


Is there an implied “for now” at the end of that washer suggestion? I’m unclear on the expectations being set here. Will production-grade solutions be provided to existing owners sometime in the future? I suspect most are willing to be patient if there is something in the works and it’s merely a timeline issue.


I would love GD to partner with Ascher-Racing, so that we could get these adapters at reduced cost…


With the delay in the 2nd batch or Pros, I am wondering if I should upgrade to the Ultimate? :smile:


You are thinking the same as me. :slight_smile:

Double check with a reseller first. I thought I remember reading that there was going to be a limited amount of ultimates due to waiting on parts?


Could always wait some more. Been waiting a month already since I didn’t jump prior to release.

Ultimate is double the money but will be be twice as good given I’m just a weekend racer.


Anybody help? What should i do? steering feeling turn soft when i enable high torque mode…


If I order an additional wheel side of SC2 quick release does it include a 70 mm reduction?


In addition to the question from @mory

Will the 70mm adapter plate be available as a separate item?

My one is close to being unusable as I’ve worn the threads through faffing around, trying to get the supplied bolts to sit at the correct height.

If you use the supplied bolts and washers, the threads protrude too far out of the back of the 70mm adaoter, as previously mentioned in other posts.

If you add an extra washer, the heads of the bolts won’t sit down far enough and protrude upward, giving me the exact same problem but in the opposite direction.

I’ve had to order some M5x8mm bolts and I’ll see how that goes when they arrive.

This is already a frustrating out of the box experience and you shouldn’t have to mess around like this.

Back to my trusty G29 for the time being.


Where in the world did you buy that Simagic wheel from?!


I bought it by the dealer from china.
Anyone have idea what problem from my sc2?


The safe default mode has additional damping and friction applied. Once you enable high torque mode, the settings in your profile take over. Steering wheel will be lighter to turn because of this.


Yes but no bolts/washers and no 30mm spacer.


That is interesting find! We just ordered a bunch of different GPU extension cables and test them for you. It seems that similar are available up to 60 cm length.

It’s always best to be cautious with things that are not designed for each other, so I recommend that we test them first.


Answer of a well known wheel builder:

The design of the Simucube QR was not well thought through. They had ample time to contact me and other wheel builders to discuss what they were planning but they didn’t bother. Now it seems they’ve got to go back to the drawing board.

I’ve been forced to redesign my rear spacers to allow users to bolt through into the QR. You would need to send your wheel back to me for fitting unfortunately, as it requires disassembling the entire wheel.

We really need an answer. Are we first batch users getting new functional QR hardware or at the least a adapter plate? Not when, not how - just is GD providing a real solution?