Simucube 2 Discussion Thread


I was blasting the V8 around spa on iracing last night with the Pro, I was majorly impressed with how I could catch the back end with ease. So much information coming through the wheel with that car.

Then I jumped in the Lotus 79 on Laguna Seca and the responsiveness was impressive, the power of the motor was vibrating my rig xD and it was somewhat more noisy than the v8 but still mostly smooth.

Can’t wait to get back home later and dial it in some more.


I think you will come up with some effective solution. Maybe some simple holder from 3d printer. @McErono


Ready but I am not much of a designer :persevere:


Lotus 79 FFB has always been ridiculously harsh, love the car but so chatty.


3D printer … best friend of sim racer :smiley:


Thanks for the heads up. This is my first Double D so I’m still finding my way. I’m amazed at how different each car I have tried feels.



The power supplies use a 6pin pcie molex connection that are used on graphics cards so these should work


Are those Saxxon’s SFX-100 DIY Actuators? I built a set myself.


Please no, unless verified compatible by GD team.

I will post a part number from digikey later. Just don’t use pci-e pc cables, you might kill your wheel. These are custom cables for MW psu’s…


To be brutally honest, Mate, nothing against you too, but if a few bolts and washers are getting people down, I am not sure how they would deal with the rigours of beta-testing :wink:

Like said, for me, it is a minor problem and inconvenience, but for others, a mountain to overcome.


As far as we know, there are not extension cables available on digikey. The cable on Mean Well unit is non-removable, so a cable from Ultimate won’t work.


Mika, would these be acceptable if we were to use the correct gauge of wire between them?


FFB disappear when i switch to high torqaue mode tonight, but it will came back when disable…


And also have wierd noise in dirt rally 2.0, so horrible…


Not sure what you mean. I hate botched jobs and this is one.

I designed my actuators myself so maybe you should revise your opinion about me :wink:

We are not betatesters right - so why should we act like them and accept betaproducts?

We got the mess - it shouldn’t be about how we customers can fix it, its about how GD is fixing it!


I use Michaels software and the same controlunits but the actuators are smaller so are the motors (but same spec).


Finally received my pro and to be honest don’t get what these SQR talks are all about. My fanatec f1 wheel is fixed with 3 bolts to SRM conversion kit, then 3 bolts to SQR and everything is totally fine. But understand other cases might be much different from mine. It was much harder to unscrew 4 bolts from wheel(1 had to be drilled), took about 3-4 hours to deal with it )))
Waiting for manuals!!! i’m new to DD and compared to my old CSL Elite it’s unbelievably strong. Is it ok that wheel is hard to turn even then idle in windows desktop?
BTW then i received CSL it came with broken cable for pedals. Had to wait for it couple weeks more(cables from near electronic store were not working also), and after i received this cable and started using wheelbase i found out, than power cable socket in wheelbase is bit bigger then plug and it turned off every time ffb shaked the base :smile: so had to deal with DIY. This SQR case, then u just can go get some screws… Well everybody is a different person with own opinion.


Yes stock setup out of the box has a considerable amount of friction and damping applied on the desktop.

But please, never use Fanatec to excuse anything. they are the worst :poop:


Well, so far had no problem with V3 pedals :slight_smile:

and it’s soooooo goood to feel the grip on track with SC2!!! after fanatec’s csl elite


Ok I thought they looked familiar maybe from the Discord.