Simucube 2 Discussion Thread

Wow! Simucube 3 might be out by the time you receive yours @Mauricio_Leiva.


Nice to see full support in ACC.:smiley:

Not good news @EsxPaul, date right, day wrong :frowning:
Doesn’t matter much though, Tuesday or Wednesday.
@Mauricio_Leiva You might be better off actually, that kind of distance you could get airfreight.
Right before simucube 2 announcement, I got a small Mige servo in 3 days from China :astonished:

ETA is Friday apparently they are in the UK so they will ship Monday if TNT deliver on time they only give us a delivery date when they land


Great news , can you confirm you have my wheel from Simon please jed

is that really true that next batch gets delivered on week 28 (08.07 - 14.07).
Have preordered mine in may and now i get late jule delivery…

Ordered the pro…

I do indeed I will test fit it before dispatch

Thanks Jed , looking forward to receiving

Hi Jed,

So you could have it tomorrow? Any chance I can come and collect it if you do?

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It appears that some early Simucube 2 users are confused with audible beeps from the motor when driving.

Simucube 2 has an audible clipping beep, enabled as default.
Simucube 2 also has, as default, a hands off detection feature set at highest sensitivity level. It will make the motor beep,when it accelerates too fast and driver’s hands are not seen to produce counteracting torque. This feature also causes the wheel to go automatically to a safe torque mode. The torque will be smoothly resumed when the hands are detected on wheel again. This causes additional beeps as safe mode is activated and normal mode is resumed in quick succession.

This hands-off detection feature is already adjustable, and can be turned off.

We will adjust the default sensitivity for next release.

We are full on writing the user guide which will include these features. It should be ready very soon.


Yo madelma grab mine too and make a slight detour to north wales on your way home please :innocent:

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Been thinking of asking Jed the same thing when he has mine in hand, I’m only 30-40 minutes from him.

so slowly I get scared that the new Simucube is overloaded with security devices. My simucube has an emergency stop which I luckily never had to use. I drive in the living room and my wife watches TV. Hopefully the new Simucube does not beep now constantly any warnings.

There is a beep every 2 minutes if the device is idle and potentially in a dangerous state for inexperienced/uninformed users. This is to remind the Drivers to be sensible and use the safe torque off button (e-stop) to make the device safe when not driving.


If the hands off detection can be turned off , that means drifters will be ok right?

Yes, drifters will be OK.


I try Dirt Rally 2, but I have no feedback. Do you know how to modify that cofing to work on SC2?
This is for SC1 < device id="{0D5A16D0-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" name=“simucube_osw” priority=“100” type=“wheel” / >

I’m sure it would be more than a slight detour.

We are working on getting the setting of Dirt Rally 2 for all Simucube 2 models.Stay tuned, most likely we are going to be able to give those a try tomorrow.