Simucube 2 Announcement thread



It could be useful to share this information here, if someone knows it…


I’ve been in contact with my supplier (Jed at SimTechRacing) regularly over the last month or so. Last week, he thought that he would receive units toward the end of the week, and shipped out to customers this week. He told me that once he had a tracking number, it would take three days to get to him, and then a day or two to turn it around.

As of yesterday, I believe he hasn’t had a tracking number, so I don’t believe the suppliers are fully in the loop.

Transparency of what is going on is the key for consumers. If there is another delay, then I’m okay with that, so long as I understand what is happening. Being told that suppliers are receiving stock, but not seeing anyone on this forum comment that they have received anything makes me feel uneasy. This coupled with the lack of reviews exacerbates the concern for me.

We’re all here (well me at least) because we recognise Simucube offerings as being better than anything Fanatec et al will produce. The drive from GD for high quality components, and their commitment to not rush delivery, to ensure they produce products of exceptional quality also separates them from the field. I just feel that some of the communication on progress etc could be improved.


No need for concern, I have been torturing the Ultimate for the past month, if it survives here, it will survive anywhere else :slight_smile:

They’re coming, guys, just a tiny bit more patience! You’re going to luv your wheels!



Phillip we have been waiting for a while now, the site of my reseller reported: 5th of may, then early-mid may, now mid may and today is 22th of may, I would not like to see “june”…


Hi Beano,

Again it’s not the patience that’s the issue for me, it’s the lack of communication when the proposed delivery dates aren’t met.

You’ve got the Ultimate and the Pro currently, haven’t you? Is there any chance you could post a comparison video for us to study - while we wait patiently for our wheels? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched your “Mooooocedes” youtube clip.


I know how you guys feel, it was torture for me seeing things move along the past year and finally, wham, the Ultimate was there.

The only consolation I can offer is that it is well worth the wait.

I have both, yes, currently awaiting the mount for the Pro. I can do a few more videos of the Ultimate in the meantime…I will refit it tomorrow after removing a Bogeyman OSW again, as testing for the new SC1 FW release is done for the moment.

Let me know what you guys want to see, which cars/tracks in iRacing :wink:


Well since you’re taking requests the BMW M6 at Sebring. I would also like your opinion/comparison on the DD2 vs SC2 Pro because I will be purchasing one of them.


I’m starting to lose patience. I also ordered it with a delivery date in early May. I had to already sell the old steering wheel and next week’s 24 hours LeMans.


I prefer open wheel, so Skippy, FR2.0 around any road track of your choice.

Again echoing the sentiment of others, having a comparison of the SC2 Pro versus the Podium DDs and the SC2 Ultimate is what I’m after.


Not interested in comparison videos, I know I’ve ordered the right wheel. I stopped watching comparison videos after DD Wars Round 1 in 2015 … Zzzz

Would love to see some Dirt Oval for lulz or something like the F3, basically anything other than another GT car :facepunch:t2:


Good luck finding someone who has paid for both and will do an unbiased comparison.


You couldn’t have said it any better, sir! :+1:
(and I mean both statements you make :wink:)


I got DD2, OSW and CSW, waiting on Ultimate to do unbiased comparison


You don’t need to find someone that has paid for both. If you’re confident that the product is ready, and of exceptional standard, then you take the loss-leader and have one shipped out to someone like Sim Racing Garage. I’m sure Barry would be impartial. The loss of revenue from one unit would be insignificant against the number of orders a solid review from him will yield.


Tbh Barry’s reviews are pretty boring, I use them if I can’t get to sleep at night :laughing:

I’d rather see somebody like Jimmy Broadbent get sent one, that would also make much more sense from a marketing POV.


I Disagree wholeheartedly…


LOL @ Si-Po

For most of the reviews, but especially Barry’s I always have this feeling they try to be impartial but in fact they’re all biased or even sponsored. I could be wrong but that’s the feeling I get at least.


@Si-Po so aside from a difference in reviewer, you agree with my point? I’ll take that.

I like Jimmy too. I can almost see the start of the video now, “Still waiting for my Simucube 2 boy here!..”



Yeah of course I do! I know I’m in the minority but I don’t need 40 minutes of a Simucube 2 being dismantled and laid bare by Barry :joy: I don’t even need a proper review, I’d just like to see somebody like Jimmy putting one through its paces whilst I twiddle my thumbs waiting for mine :smiley:


Hi Everyone - I’m new here. My situation is that it’s been 15yrs since I last used Sim software, either racing or flight. So I decided to check out the state-of-the-art now, and am impressed! So for the past 2 months, I’ve been building an 80/20 rig, built a new PC, and became educated.

Was ready to buy a Bodnar 2 system 6 wks ago when I discovered that Fanatec & Simucube were soon coming out with new products. I expect it will come down to Bodnar or Simucube Ultimate. But still waiting for thorough tests and comparisons to make a decision!!!

I’d be happy with a test by Barry at SRG. You can skip the tech if you just want to see his in-car testing. He used a Bodnar 1 for years and upgraded to Bodnar 2 over a year ago, so a Simucube 2 test by him would be very meaningful to allow me to make a decision.

Waiting and Waiting!!