Simucube 2 Announcement thread



Have any suppliers received their deliveries? I’m hearing that mine still hasn’t been dispatched from GD :frowning:


more deliveries are to happen this week! A shipment can take a few days from us to a supplier, and there was the weekend also…


Understood. I’m still clinging to the hope that I will have it for the uk bank holiday weekend. I get a lot of driving in with that extra day.


we are aiming to get the first version of the software out this week to. Exciting new filter is in testing right now! However, need to write the user guide too, which is less fun task. :smiley:


Is The shipping of the units dependant on the software being versioned? Does that mean that no units have shipped? Or they have shipped but want be used yet?

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions, particularly at this busy time; thanks Mika.

Having paid for my Pro over a month ago through Simtechracing, the wait is excruciating.

I’m sure the community, myself included, would appreciate more comms on when we can expect our units.

As of tomorrow, I will have two new converted rims from simracingmachines, and nothing to use them on.



Some shipments have happened, more to follow this week as the production is running.


Hey Mike
When do you guys will start shipping Ultimate?
And can you tell us why is twice as expensive as Pro?


i think because of the special motor from austria!


I also ordered a month ago and I hope my arrivals arrive later this weekend


Don’t worry, sold my Bodnar tonight, I’m out of action too :smiley:

Waiting patiently … I’m sure Beano will share some more porn soon :eyes:


Good to see you over here Simon!

Did they do a special order green motor for you! LOL :smile:


If you have to ask that 2nd question, then your first question probably has no relevance for you atm :wink:


It uses an Austrian servo, with very high-quality industrial-quality stator wiring, 1st-rate rotor-magnets. It uses a 24-bit Hyperface encoder. It features potted custom MW dual 500W psu’s in custom housing. It comes with individually customised ripple/cogging compensation tuning. It will have additional high-end tuning filters.

It is not called the Ultimate for nothing :slight_smile:


@SiPo: What do you want to see?


You throwing a Dirt Sprint car around :laughing:


Not yet. Too scared :frowning:


Hi All.

What is happening with the shipping.

Ordered my Sport through Racewerx like over a month ago, and still nothing.

When can we get confirmation that these will all be sent out. Its killing me!


They will all be shipped out! The factory has been doing night shifts as well. Any day now…


Similar to my situation.

Have we seen a post from anyone that has bought through a supplier and received their SC2 yet? I don’t think I have.

I’d love to see some footage of the pro in action too.


Just make contact with your supplier. They are updated on when their shipment are scheduled to ETA and when they can turn it around to customers.