Simucube 2 Announcement thread



SiPo, I will quickly do a vid with Bogeyman in the F3, just one or two laps, before taking it down again. Used it to test OSW FW fir Mika over the weekend.

Then, I will refit the Ultimate and flash the new FW Mika has developed for SC2 with some exciting Underwood Filter-changes. Will tweak that, then upload with the F3 around the same track.

Not sure it will be beneficial to anyone, but at least I can comment on the Ultimate vs the Bogeyman, which has been my golden std for DD wheels.

Laters, let me have brekkie, then some testing…



Ok, I have done a few Laps (and lots of talking) in the R3 around Watkins Glen, first with Bogeyman OSW, then with the Ultimate.

I am just busy converting the two videos, then will start uploading. Probably 25-28min worth of driving and waffle, hopefully I don’t bore you to death.

True to form though, I had a pretty scary moment (and a decent save) a couple laps before the end, I have done a slo-mo of it at the end :slight_smile:

Will post a link once I am done with processing and uploading.


Let’s see if this works…


good results with the new filter, I see. :slight_smile: Excellent.


Thanks for that Beano! Surprising how much noisier the Ultimate is than the AKM. Would you put that down to higher FFB run in game or is it a chattier motor like the Lenze?


SiPo: Very low-inertia servo, similar to the Lenze. Of course, with the lower latency electronics, I can make it totally behave the same as the big akm, just have to up the Recon Filter 1 or 2 clicks, or add a bit extra friction and Damping.

I know very many guys prefer the fast active behaviour, I don’t, thus usually I setup the Ultimate for a similar behaviour as the big akm, I just preferred to show the differences at the same Filter-levels.

The main thing here is that zero oscillation at the same torque- and Filter-settings, with the Ultimate being much lower inertia.

That is a feat in itself :slight_smile:
Great work, Mika, that is a pretty good achievement!


its a team effort here, I can’t take all the praise anymore! Will need a bit more testing before we can release official 1.0.0 version on our website. However, it is required very soon as the end users are getting hardware shipped…


24v for the ultimate. What about sport and pro?


All are 48V, Loukas…


Anyway great teamwork, I did not expect this good result at such low filter-settings :wink:


Yeah you know I’m the same as you Beano, I never liked the super active feel, always favoured the Bodnar and AKM’s damped feeling.

Looking forward to being able to replicate that with lower latency :facepunch:t2:

Are we nearly there yet? :joy:


Yep, I remember :wink:

I will work on a good ratio for the settings as a baseline for you guys coming over from the SS2, so you have a good starting-point.

I am just waiting for a Mika to fine-tune the slew-rate Filter, so that I can finalise tweaking it in relation to the Reconstruction Filter. He promised those changes are coming soon, so I will update with those, next video will be with them harmonised.

PS: Of course, it’s got to be remembered, these open-wheelers are pretty active cars, but, even with that in mind, I can get an SS2 feel in the Ultimate with things as is, with reduced latency still, but I would not want to sacrifice to much surface detail for it, thus wanting to fine-tune slew-rate vs Recon ratio.

More later!


This is worse then being 8 years old and Christmas is a week away………any news on when the ultimates will ship?


i saw the pictures you uploaded with the 2x 24v mw psu and i thought they were connected in parallel. Seems that they are connected in series.


Yep, they are connected in series for 48V x22A or something such. So ~1kw at 48Vdc output…the Sport uses a single 48V psu, but the alto uses 2x 48Vdc 280W psu’s connected in parallel…


Any resellers received there stock from last week’s batch shipment ?
Any chance of an update on when you expect/hope to ship out this week’s batch please.


Beano I would like to see the IndyCar at Sebring please.:):smiley:

Was the pro that you tested at our Finnish friends place as chatty as the Ultimate?

Talk soon,


Can anyone confirm or Deny If a grounding cable is still required for some Wheel PCB’s on Steering wheels ?


Nick, I have not needed one on my setup.

Tested with few different wheels and no issues experienced. But it might also be dependant on the quality of the button-controller in your wheel.


Can do, Joe, will upload a bit later. Tested a new FW for Mika, so ran a few laps in the DW12 around Watkins boot again.