Simucube 2 Announcement thread




I zoomed in on the photo as far as I could but still couldn’t find the label with my address :cry:


When you guys planning to ship out first batch of Ultimates? Can’t wait to try it out and shoot a review.


Unless you’re one of the official resellers you won’t find your address on any of those :wink:

Concerning the shipping of the Ultimates; it was announced earlier that they are planned to ship to resellers at/around 30 may.


2 questions …

  1. Which Pimax do you have?
  2. Is there anything in the sim racing world you don’t own? :rofl:


Off topic but is the pimax fine for iracing now or does it still require parallel projections?


Lols :slight_smile:
I have the 5k+, I originally ordered the 8k on the Kickstarter, but after initial reviews came out, I decided to change to the 5k+. Glad to have done so, it is a pretty decent unit.

I don’t have a Motion-sim, perhaps one day, hehe.

@Robert: I am running a 2080ti, no need for parallel projections, I have it unticked. SPS ticked in the iRacing GUI, pretty good solid performance.


Thanks! i got a 2080ti also so that’s good new on not needing PP. Probably can max it out with wide fov. might have to renew for 1yr with the deal they gave.


Welcome back to iRacing :slight_smile:


I’m a little iritated. what are the differences between sport and pro filters? on the Simucube side there doesn’t seem to be one. on Racewerk there are probably 2 filters the sport does not have. it would be nice to know where the difference is except Nm


Like you say, only difference is,
2 more filters,
And it uses 2 separate external psu instead of 1 that the Sport uses.


how about drift settings?
Is that easy achievable with the new Simucube software?

As far as i know with Simcube 1 there where not easy to tune in because there were also changes needed in granity.


all the relevant settings that affect driving feel were available in Simucube Configuration Tool for Simucube 1, and they are also present in Simucube 2 True Drive.


so have the manuals been made available?


no yet, we are in process of writing the manual still. It should appear on the website as soon as its ready for it.


I think @Da_Masta may be referring to FEV over speed setting we used to set it quite low which sometimes caused a fault


That is indeed a fault limit parameter that does not affect the driving feel in any way.


Yes we had some issues with a drifting team when they were spinning the wheel it caused a fault we had to increase the value


i hope there are no troubles with this on Simucube 2 , because i will surely drift much with the wheel.


Why have tested it no issues at all


There were no issues on Simucube 1 with this either. It was a simple case of opening up the limit on tuning parameter FEV. I have mentioned this several times in my build-logs.

On Simucube2, this is done automatically and end-user will not be able to access servo configuration parameters, as it is not needed.