Simucube 2 Announcement thread



Hi Jed, there isn’t a add to basket button for the bracket on your site. Emailed you twice about it but it’s still unavailable.


Simtech Racing Rocks :smile: they supply bracket with SC2 :heart:


Only see two complete formula wheels on your site, then just only button plate for DIY round rim, it will be more happy if you announce a complete round rim in the very near future.


There are two button boxes B16M and B16L, both in Simucube Wireless and USB versions, in addition to the Formula rims.


Yes I know there are two, but it is still need to get a round rim to put on, will be happy to see a complete one just like those formulas.


Merely trying to help here, you did notice that far down on each side for the button boxes there is a list of different wheels that each button box will fit, right? Since there’s no electronics works that needs to be done, merely the assembling using a screw driver/allen key to put together the wheel, buttonbox and quick release of your choice, it should even easier than assembling an IKEA product :slight_smile:


Any news when the SC2Pro will be delivered?


First shipments to resellers from our factory are happening right now. I do not have information on which resellers they are. However, the production is going well and products are to be shipped when ready.


Tomo is the dealer of my confidence


Is this for all the models or just the pro?


I have to say im a little surprised the cost hasn’t come down some with no leds and screens. Plus no encoders for your thumbs like most formula wheels. I think im going to hold out for a while on wheels and see what else comes out.


Nice !!! ! Thanx for the update Mica :slight_smile:


Is Simucube 2 protected from EMIs?
Thank you.


Yes, it indeed has been certified…

I have been testing it very thoroughly this past few weeks, zero interference on any of my equipment, even my PiMax VR headset is finally happy.


Good to hear as this was what started me down the SC2 road.


Yep, no blue/grey-out, doesn’t matter where I touch it :wink:


I didn’t even know this was the cause for my grey screens when touching till I renewed my iracing sub.
Is this maybe also what causes my tracking to be a bit weird in AC sometimes? Like it wanders.


No, the ‘wondering tracking’ in the VR headset is not due to this, I believe it is an issue with sensors in the headsets…


“The first Simucube 2 units from the factory have now been sent to our resellers!”


Hope one of them is mine!:grinning: It would be great if it got here before the long holiday weekend at the end of the month.