Simucube 2 Announcement thread



The early communications to resellers from us was “in June at the earliest”. However, to maximize quality of the products, and based on the latest information about when we are going to receive shipments of some long-lead parts for the next batch, the June batch will be smaller than expected. As we do not know the exact dates yet, and based on the experience of the time it took to build the products, quality assurance, and to ship products from us to resellers to consumer for this first batch, the timeline shifts more towards the end of June.

In another words, the announced date on some reseller’s websites is more “if you order now” -date (August batch). We are not ruling out that batch earlier, and resellers have already orders in for products that can be produced ASAP (June batch) when we get the parts.


That’s weird. Tomo always wrote me off in a few hours.


Can we have more information o that wireless wheals, what can be done and limitations for diy? encoders,leds, scrins? links with already available to buy wheals?


Wireless wheel system is documented on our wiki (includes supported devices.)

Limitations for DIY is that the default pin configuration can’t be changed.

Wheels are available from Ascher Racing and Simtech Racing. There will be more soon.


Thank Mika
So from a look of it analog clutch, shift lights and screens are impossible with this system?


Screens will be unsupported, as doing such high power consuming devices with any kind of suitable integrated battery would limit the usage time to a few hours at the most. It would not be a care-free ‘just works’ system anymore.

We are considering a next version of the wheel side module at the moment. List on what to include are two analog inputs for clutch paddles + bite point setup for that somehow, and maybe, just maybe a few shift leds. However we are listening for additional features that could be useful.



We have set up a new News and Updates thread here:


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