Simucube 2 Announcement thread



SimRacingBay units are shipped!

Biggest concern at the moment is that awful rattling sound. If these servos really make such noises like in beanos videos, they can be the best ever technically, I wont be able to use them. Total nogo for me.

The M8 video is promising tho.


Sorry but hear only a brackpedal.That needs Oil




Yes that concerns me too. Can anybody explain why this is happening? It doesn’t sound right.


Il mio Simu2 pro é partito da Tomo ed é in arrivo giovedì o venerdì . È quasi Natale per me !


My Simu2 pro started from Tomo and is coming on Thursday or Friday. It’s almost Christmas for me


for me too. Thanks Tomo


There was a buggy firmware out for a few days for the testers. According to the time Beano uploaded that video, it could have been the buggy one.

Symptons were a huge notch in torque at center or when torque changed direction… felt like a broken steering rack with lots of rattle.


I can assure you the new firmware is very good :slight_smile:


Just now doing a final test drive on the 1.0.1 release version.


Jed, are you able to give us any updates in regards to your stock situation?



I know they are in poland that’s all


Thanks for the update.

So June looks more likely then :thinking:


The first public version of Simucube 2 True Drive software should not be released today?


yes, it will be released today still :slight_smile: see


Mika, excuse my ignorance but I was reading the known issues in your link and it mentions a temporary wheel centerpoint.

Why would such a thing be needed?


It is due to utmost respect to reliability. The STM microcontrollers are only certified for 10000 times of writes, so there is a desire to limit that somewhat. However, nobody has ever managed to break a Simucube 1 this way either…


Delivery schedule - updated 24.5.2019

  • All pre-ordered Simucube 2 Pro and Sport units have been shipped out from factory to the official Simucube resellers during this week. Depending on location and reseller’s shipping methods, we expect pre-orders to be delivered to the Simucube Drivers between 29th May and 7th June
  • Due to paramount amount of details ramping-up Simucube 2 Ultimate production with full custom 1 kW power supply, SC2 Ultimate will be delayed for about two weeks from the original schedule. We expect all pre-ordered SC2 Ultimates to be shipped out from factory to resellers by 7th June, and the deliveries to customers shall happen within 1-2 weeks after the factory shipment.

The status will be updated in this site twice per week to reflect with the latest changes and events in production.

Update 27.5.2019

Schedule from 24.5. stays valid. We have got preliminary info of last few SC2 Ultimate parts that we’re still waiting to arrive on-time.

About the confusion

Simucube Team acknowledges that the team has sent out some preliminary and mixed information about shipping dates to our resellers before the official launch of site. Some of this early information may have ended up in the reseller web stores causing some confusion. The official delivery estimate for pre-orders is “May” as stated on The great thing is that we’re pretty close meeting that goal. It is likely that many of the pre-orderer’s will get their Pro and Sport during May. The biggest exception is the approximately two week delay SC2 Ultimate. The whole Simucube team is working hard to ensure minimum wait times and shortages of all SC2 models.

There is nothing about a delay for the second batch, instead it says " The biggest exception is the approximately two week delay SC2 Ultimate."

Two weeks for the Ultimate, not two months for the Pro and Sport .


Estonia to Poland in 4 days.
Have they sent then via Donkey(lol)


I haven’t found nothing official regarding the 2 month delay on the website or facebook either.