Simucube 2 Announcement thread



yeah I know that was the plan in the first place. I was interested in this particular issue that i described but probably we will have to wait and see what can be done. Thanks guys for your awesome support!


Yes, thanks. But I so have motion. The ProSimu 5 DOF platform :). It’ll all be good the wire pull for new circuits is easy the way things are set up right now.

DBOX with 6 actuators? You have full front and rear traction loss (aka yaw)?


My reseller mailed me that the shipping date for second batch is delayed to end of july.

Wtf Granite? Why do i have to wait for another two months?!
That really pisses me off.


May i ask who your reseller is?


Virtual Racing Store in Germany


ok thanks.
Dear Mika, an official statement of a possible delay would be great.
How many batches are there currently?


Are they actually an official Simucube distributor?


One batch has been produced. The next batch has a short delay. This is due to many factors, including component supply to us.

Of course we apologize this, but there is not much we can do as the components have slightly longer lead time than was previously communicated to us.

Virtual Racing Store is an official distributor.


Hello everyone from Italy, I pre-ordered in April on Sim Racing bay, although I have written several requests in these days for information on my order, I still haven’t received any news. I don’t think it’s a very correct thing I’m rather frustrated. Does anyone have news about Simracing bay and when will they ship?


Simracing Bay should have their first shipment and should be shipping them to end customers any day now.


Thanks Mika I can’t wait to have your jewel !!


End of July is not a short delay and a slightly longer lead time for components does not sound like two months.

This is very not cool!

Besides that, the communication of Granite regarding these delays are also not very adequate.

In Germany we have the term salami tactics which describes the tactic just to admit as much as you can`t deny anymore.
This fells like that for me


I’m sure your reseller will offer a refund if the delay is unacceptable to you, but where else would you spend your money and get a wheel as good as this?

I sold my Bodnar believing my Ultimate would ship by the end of May, unfortunately this isn’t the case but there’s nothing I can do about it but sit patiently.


Simracingbay has started shipping the first batch of units, some of them have left the Slovenia today and will be delivered soon, I hope you will receive the notification today or tomorrow, otherwise you are in the second batch.

Buona fortuna, chiedi a Tomo via mail, di solito risponde


The impatient attitudes within this community aren’t welcome, nor are they helpful.

GD is launching a new product, which seemingly was more successful than it anticipated.

This isn’t like ordering a Big Mac – they aren’t just slapping low-grade pieces together.


My attitude is not welcome? ok, but my money is?
Helping GD is not my job, i bought a product with a specified delivery date.

This delivery date could be delayed, fair enough. But two months without proper communication is not ok for such high priced parts. Not even close to ok.
You said it yourself, these aren`t just any low grade pieces, this has to be done properly.

Man, i hate those preorder presales shit. Why can`t just one sell a product when its ready to delivery?


A refund is also difficult as i ordered a custom wheel already which i cannot cancel (and don`t want to cancel either).


I can understand the frustration.
Still no proper communication regarding shipments and delays.


We have made blog post on our website.

We have linked to it on Facebook and here as well.

If we started to write a detailed post explaining the delays, their length, and possible next shipment dates more accurately than we have presented them, we would need to call various suppliers and the factory as well. This would consume lots of time that would be taken away from actually trying to improve things, making the delays possibly even longer.


When I pre-ordered my SC2, I was given a May delivery date by GD. I have a tracking number and it will be here on Thursday. Mission accomplished.

Regarding your last question about selling them when they’re ready, you need to remember how niche this hobby is. My ProtoSimTech pedals are released in small batches every 6-8 weeks. Ascher-Racing wheels are produced in limited quantities. Good luck buying anything from Heusinkveld.

These small companies aren’t filling warehouses with surplus inventory – they are practically made to order.

Granite Devices isn’t Logitech, and we’re better for it. :wink: