Simucube 1 vs simucube 2


This is not a discussion. Only one answer to your specific question.


I am simply saying your view and observations are based on flawed deductions.

But of course, we are all entitled to our opinions, doesn’t matter how wrong they are :wink:

With that said, GD/Mika has indicated that they will further develope the SC1 FW to the point it no longer benefits, so I am not sure why all the hysterics and panic across many different boards?

Jeesh Guys, we were stuck with a MMoS, by the freewill and efforts of GD, we have a far superior and free FW for Simucube, making this the best solution for dd wheels up to date. Instead of chastising GD, we should be bloody grateful it has come to a point where we have a high-quality actively developed FW for SC1.


Then I understand that only you can say from your absolute knowledge? is it like that?
ok Felipe … your way.


This thread is very pessimistic. I for one am very pleased GD came to the market with any product, let alone embraced the SIM racing community with open arms and continued to develop products for us. When I eventually get round to spending time and money on my rig, I look forward to contributing back more, to both the community, and to these commercial enterprises innovating products for all of us consumers to spend our money on and enjoy.

Without this little troop, the OSW racers would still be in caves (metaphorically speaking ofc).

Keep up the good work folks!


Thank you Kayvan for sharing your POV, I have the same view on this whole topic. If it wasn’t for GD, the DD landscape would have been the same as 5 years ago.


Ok … it’s another way to see it. I think your opinion is correct from the respect to other opinions, this is fine.
Personally I just hope to see that release 1.0 for SC1 … it’s my POV


Hi SKeijmel,

I drove with your guide (very good guide btw) from YT the small mige from simracing bay the last year and ordered the ultimate (guys told me I am the first who ordered one).

Does that qualify for some good comparison?




Hi guys,
Are GD plans to release new products for DIY/OSW market in the future? I mean new/better IONI Drive or SimuCube board? Would be nice to develop open and close products simultanously. There is quite big DIY/OSW market. Do u really want to loose this market? OSW never die. Meny peeps love OSW idea.
Cheers, MK


So just to be sure, Simucube development for OSW Ioni users will continue in the future? The software will be compatible with our OSW with mige motors? I hope someone from Granity team will answer this straight becouse there are many concerned users who bought OSW recently and that we don`t thrown our money without future software support. Thanks


What a nice idea. Right after that i will study medicine to be able to cure myself and maybe rocket science too because i ever wanted to walk on the moon.


So you stick with complaining all day instead then?


So would you advise Recon 8, and the rest of the settings in all sim racing titles or just Iracing because of the slow 60Hz feedback?


Signal-resonance and oscillations have not been an issue with my small Mige for quite some time (Thank you Mika) although, I do use a minimal amount of damping or friction as a baseline setup.

I don’t ascribe to the popular “realism means little if any detail in FFB” mantra that is becoming so popular. I find that running high recon does mute detail in FFB. I agree that surface detail in iRacing (via irFFB) seems to be mere signal noise however, it’s not the case in some other titles (AMS for example) where changes in surface type (Surface Texture) can be detected, marbles can be felt, etc.

I think we all want similar FFB quality when it comes to the fundamental effects but, where many of us differ is in the way that certain details are communicated. Under-steer (Front grip-loss) is one area where I see a lot of debate regarding the inclusion of such effects in various forums.

I hope that iRacing FFB is not what set the bar in terms defining the best in FFB because, it lacks certain immersive qualities imo. If one’s only title is iRacing, it tends to limit the possibilities in what is possible as a developer or, as a enthusiast that shares ideas and information with others.

Obviously, that’s not the case with SC1 development and I appreciate that Mika (and GD) has considered and supported other titles, and have no doubt that it will continue with SC2. I just ask them to consider that there are others using these wheels with different preferences and they are valid too.


That would mean creating completion for your own product.


From what was posted earlier, the focus will be SC2 with possibility of some SC2 features “trickle” into SC1 when possible.
But I saw the same promise for Argon. Didn’t complain, this is business and they want customers upgrade, there is no money in supporting older HW.
Plus developing something backward compatible is a nightmare, they have only one Mika. :slight_smile:


Ahh you dig the canned effects of other titles. In my opnion iRacing should be the benchmark. The only culprit is that the frequency data is sent to our wheels is too low.


that means that everyone who bought osw now is left on the wind of hope? very few sims have direct support for osw so my fear is that in future when new sim came out we could be abandoned with no support and even our wheels could be not reckognised by the sims. if that is the case it’s not good way to threw +1000 euros from the window! I would never buy fanatec wheel or base becouse I liked osw idea very much but Fanatec promise that in future their wheels and bases will be supported by the sims. where are we?


hmm, read this post again: Simucube 1 vs simucube 2


thanks Mika! I hope none of us would feel dissapointed in future.


Don’t assume every other title uses canned fake effects for anything beyond what iRacing produces. But, to your comment, yes, I prefer more detail and find it far more immersive. I like iRacing for many reasons but, the FFB is not tops among them. I much prefer AMS / rF2 FFB but, the fundamental effects probably have a lot in common with iRacing in how they convey cornering intensity through FFB. Most other titles are not as effective imo, despite providing plenty of detail.