Simucube 1 vs simucube 2


Is that official GD position as well, that is no separate SC2 controller that you can just plug into SimuCube board? Or may be the whole board to replace SC1.


It does say future proof in the sense that there would be firmware development. And there is. And continues to be.


Guess im going to find out how much better the ultimate is. I just ordered it. Should be interesting coming from the large mige.


SC2 sport beats small and large mige out of box :slight_smile: I have tested sport and compare. You will be happy person soon. Enjoy !!


That’s good to hear. Cant wait.


says the sales man :wink:

I would say use some better settings on the sc1 and they will be very similar :wink: the difference is never going to be that big especially it will never be as big as coming from your fanatec csw thrustmaster or logitech g25 :wink:

the sc2 might have some better filtering but before people even start comparing that to a sc1 first put your rcon setting on 8. most people run way to low rcon on their sc1 and have no idea how bad the signals from the game are.

lots of people are used too the notchyness and even think its feedback. i would bet the sc2 will never have such low reconstruction settings as the sc1 had. so lots of people are going to say wow its soo much better its amazing smooth now. and i am faster on track now and easier to catch oversteer ect, and its basically mainly just a settings problem :wink:

but we will see once reviews will pop up but most reviewers will use bad settings on their sc1 :P. they should show the settings they use on both wheels otherwise we will never know if they know what they are talking about. i would geuss the sc2 has been made more noob proof in terms of settings.
and i would also bet they have set some dampening and inertia / filter by default so you don’t get crazy oscillation when you let go of the wheel ingame, since thats not something you want on a consumer product.

And they probably fixed the “problem” of the sc1 with servo motor sounding like a running water tap :wink: on the sc2

this video explains it all

that would be my geuss :smiley:


I have Ultimate version here, testing will start on this weekend once it is setup and commissioned.

As you know, I run quite big naturally dampened AKM65 servo, with Recon F at 8, and quite nice and smooth filters for the rest.

I will feedback at some point in time about my observations.



Iam assuming you have the small mige because ive never had either of the problems you describe. It doesn’t make any noise or have crazy oscillation if I let go.


@Morpwr: It very much depends on the weight of your wheel rim, torque levels you are running, as well as Damping, Friction and Inertia settings…also the car you are running, and certain car-related settings, like the steering rack selection on the DW12 in iRacing…

If you reduce these to certain levels, of course there will be oscillations, if the torque is sufficiently high.



All motors will make a noise when they are turned on its a design flaw / crosstalk in the sc1 and can’t be eliminated. cant imagine a big mige will not have it, probally other people who can confirm this.

yes i have a small mige.

And about the oscillations it also doesn’t matter which motor you have. its about the settings you use.
if you use default settings and have 0 damping 0 friction and 0 inertia the wheel will oscillate like crazy always when you let go off the wheel on a strait. you need damping and inertia in order to fix that.

you can’t say you dont have those problems because you do :wink:
clearly haven’t watched the video.


I don’t have I racing so that could be why.


Honestly never heard mine make noise and if it does it must be quiet enough my pc fan covers it up. I don’t use any of the things you mentioned and have never had it oscillate. Yes ive tried letting go of the wheel many times in different sims and never had it happen. But I dont run what i would consider unrealistically strong settings either which could have something to do with it. Ive tried many settings in different sims from others that are just way too heavy but to each their own.I know its real easy with settings in any game with any wheel to cause oscillations especially if you let go of the wheel. Basically the wheel is over compensating trying to center itself.

I don’t need to watch a video to know what my wheel does and doesn’t do but thanks.


Hi Mate,
My observations and comments are based from my experience in iRacing, as I don’t race in anything else.

iRacing though do have a pretty low 60hz ffb update rate, which exacerbates oscillatory behaviour, which sims with faster ffb updates may not…

The crosstalk noise is also prevalent with some servo/ioni combinations, pending certain ioni /Granity settings, it can be reduced, in some cases eliminated, but not always. With that said, I have never seen/experienced any adverse impact to my driving because of this.



We have seen oscillation in other titles too, reason Kunos added Gyro to AC, with that ON, there is none of course. Or you can increase the damping, that takes care of it too, not as nicely as Gyro though.
And cross talk was a common IONI issue, I believe it was virtually eliminated in latest FW updates.


Totally agree with this.
Precisely because of this the explanations have no sense or sustenance whatsoever … it is the key.
The only explanation is commercial and leaves the current users and the original concept of the product in a very bad place.


@Morer and Vranq: Why don’t the two of you start the open-source FW development :slight_smile: Then community won’t be in so bad a place.

Seeing as you don’t trust Mika’s feedback…


phillip.vanrensburg Granite Devices team” :wink:


Because we are users, not developers … and when buying the product I never understood the obligation to develop it, I think …
On the other hand, if I read a few times that it would reach version 1.0 of development … here waiting.
Meanwhile a new SC2 product appears, competing in recourses with the development 1.0 not yet reached of SC1, and which belongs to the same company … There are market laws that are concerned with trying to prevent this.
That’s why everything is in bad place. Beyond that I do not criticize any movement even if it is commercial, it is your right in my opinion, but after finishing your work.
Things today are one way and tomorrow another … like you yesterday were just a user opinion and today you are a granite team voice … is what happens.


Read my earlier comments, GD never developed this as a product, the community was supposed to have done the FW development.

Some if you guys jump into a discussion, airing your views without having all the facts on the table. Just saying. I was involved in this from the beginning, hell, I instigated this, so I know the history very well.



Dave, I have that moniker simply because I was very involved with the development/testing of the early ioni and then Simucube.

I am certainly not employed by GD, nor do I receive kickbacks, or financial compensation.

So get your facts straight too, please buddy.