Simucube 1 vs simucube 2


Alex did say that he wanted to get a DD-wheel and yes, RaceRoom is evolving very nicely and Sector3 seems to be quite responsive to the community in improving the “Simulation Value”. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed some changes (more detail) in the FFB since the latest update but, have only tested using the new track (maybe related to their new surface mesh?). I was also surprised to see support from 3rd-party developers become available so quickly after release (Dash apps, tactile, motion, etc.). It shows that RaceRoom is really being taken more seriously.

I do hope that SimuCube2 helps to solidify DD-wheel support among game-developers to allow users to get the most out of these superb systems.


I am interested in this too. I guess apart from small differences which are not +2.500 euros worth changes everything will be very similar maybe same. We compare motors from almost same generation, they use same software so probably changes will be very subtle except wireless module…
From my point of view Simucube 2 will be just easier and unified kit newcomers.


Ive spent the last few days with R3E after not playing it for a while but you aren’t wrong about the track detail. That along with changing from the default ffb setting has really brought it to lfe.


In R3E it seems to depend on which physics version is used by the car. There are huge differences. Try the new Group C cars and you will notice that they have better FFB compared to other car classes.

My biggest concern is that future compatibility improvements are made exclusively for SC2 but not for SC1.

I don’t care for technical improvements that can hardly be felt and at best can be measured.

I highly encourage you at GD to develop an upgrade option for SC1 owners. It can’t be too difficult with your technical knowledge. There is plenty of space for new hardware in our cubes.


I did try those.:grinning: Alex has been doing a nice job with the cars he has done though. Its come a long way since the last time I played it.


Can we please stay on topic.


All improvements, especially those that are related to game compatibility, will be done for Simucube 1 firmware. Also, when we get game developer making a profile for Simucube 2, we will insist on it being made for Simucube 1 as well.


Simucube 1 has been out for 3 years. Do we have any titles with official Simucube profile?
Have you already started working with any game studios on official support for your new wheel?
So far our our only luck was with anything supporting generic DirectInput wheel (hope SC2 still support that mode and does not need special driver), which is disadvantage when it comes to titles like Forza, WRC, etc, even DR2, D4 did not support it out of the box without hacking config files.

Any plans for telemetry based FFB like in AccuForce, that would be a real game changer that can tip consumers in favor of your wheel over more widely recognized Fanatec.


rFactor 2 detects the SC1 wheel as a Simucube and has an official profile, containing a number of optimisations proposed by the community.


Many game developers have said that due to there not being manufacturer support, it would be difficult to make profiles. Also, the problem has been that we haven’t been able to supply game developers with demo units, as we don’t manufacture working systems. This will of course change with Simucube 2 and its unified hardware and manufacturer support.

But I can say it again: Simucube 1 product ID’s and documentation will be given to the game developers as well.


Hopefully the guys at Sector 3 will be one of the first to get a demo unit seeing they are showing interest.


RaceRoom Experience is one of hardest sim to tweak for Direct Drive. But we at SIMFAI made it well with SC1, but with WTCR car it was very twitchy and snappy. However, with similar settings on SC1 ported over to SC2 sports it works like a magic. Very nice to drive car in fact. Why so… its because of SC2 FFB consistency makes the counter steering very spot on and precise. I have recorded a short video of me driving at Zolder track. Posted on my FB page.


how is this different from any other product you buy?

your old PC can’t run the modern games. your old car, is not compatible with the new entertainment systems. even your old phone doesn’t work with the latest software.

things progress. new products are developed. life moves forward.

how is this any different?


Was it different for Leo’s SimSteering Systems and Accuforce, both have manufacturer’s support and are closed plug and play systems.
I don’t believe they enjoyed better support from game devs then Simucube.
Kind of indirectly related question, how many annual sales for the new SC2 do you expect and how many, if it’s not a commercial secret, SC1 boards were sold to date.


This is not a problem for sc1 players who have been using a year or about, but it is a bad time for who have just bought the sc 1(including me). If the GD team announces that it will launch sc2, perhaps more buyers will choose to wait, rather than just being abandoned soon after arriving home. Asking the GD team to make a commitment is responsible for the new player who just starts sc1.


Strange… your arguments could be valid (a little) if SimuCUBE would have reached a finished state but it will be replaced at a time when it was in a rather early stage of development.

I hope now that all the promises that Mika already made are not only meant for to calm down the disappointed proportion of the SimuCUBE users.


Force feedback from the future.

Future proof, modular solution.:partying_face:


how is it not finished? what’s left to do?
it’s already the best out there. they just forgot to bump the version number to 1.0


I’am still waiting for an answer on how I will be able to mount my current shaft clamp of the MiGe Motor (22mm shaft) to the new SC2 motor shaft (24mm shaft). Will the clamping part of the SQR be removable so i can mount the 70mm plate i currently have bolted to the 22mm shaft clamp to the 24mm clamp of the SC2 motor?

Realy hoping for an answer since I seem to be one of the few not salty people who is looking forward to upgrade to the SC2, allthough i will not be an early adopter since i don’t do much Sim-Racing during summertime


Honestly If you purchased an SC1 you probably, at the moment, are not missing much, in fact if you want a high powered unit without an extraordinary price the SC1 is your only real option at the moment as every other system tops out at 25Nm. So as it is right now if you bought a Large Mige SC1 you are in pretty good shape… Now the 20Nm SC1 may be a little different as you are surrounded by new stuff but even at that you got a little more at the moment for less money.

Now in the future the products will probably diverge further but there are going to be things that the SC1 can do that the SC2 and every other unit on the market will still not be able to do (such as allow you to change your servo) Granity if you are technically inclined allows for some Cogging and ripple compensation that are set at the factory for the SC2 so someone could get that set and possibly improve the SC1 with certain Servos a bit further (if that is even an issue)… But the SC1 is really in a way different than the SC2 in some ways Better in some ways maybe worse in others being that it won’t be able to take advantage of some software advantages.