Simucube 1 vs simucube 2


You got some inside information on it?


Hes making replacement boards to replace the encrypted ones. If all goes well they should be available by the end of June.


Thanks for the information. Makes me think I’ll wait for a while until more choices open up.


Yes. I ordered my converted Fanatec Formula v2 from SimRacingMachines a while back. Looking forward to receiving it soon.


That’s great to hear Ippai. Need to send Simon an email then soon.


Hi all,

first of all congrats to GD Team on launching SC2! Great to see the evolution, all started with OSW. I’ve gone through the whole thread now and can’t understand the frustration here of some users.

I was starting to follow the OSW development right in the beginning where all was based on the Argon setup from Bernhard resulting in that I’ve build my own OSW back then. Beano posted a great history timeline above if you are interested in more detail.

What I want to share here is, that I’m still running that OSW DIY build with Argon as a base and mmos as Firmware. And you know what? It is still running smooth in every Sim and on every race I have a big smile on my face and I don’t see why this should not be possible for SC1 users as well for the next years to come. You are even in a better position with the statements here from GD that you are still getting updates, which is not the case for mmos.

Long story short my perspective is: Your investment is still valid and you are part of a community/user group using one of the best DD wheels in the market. Hope you can enjoy that fact a little more and have fun on the race track, because that’s what OSW or SC can provide every lap :slight_smile:

Take care!


Can you say the name of the manufacturer of the motors if it is not a secret?


It is a secret that we will not disclose. They are also custom manufactured for us.


Could someone tell me if you notice the change from Simucube1 to Simucube2?

In what would win?

because I do not find clear experiences in this change.

I have the top of range of SC1, 4.2million and 30nm.

Thank you very much in advance.


I have the pro now 3 days. Not enough time to give a final judgment. So far I don’t see or feel any added value.


that is really my biggest fear at the moment, I really don’t want to find I’ve been waiting 2 whole months without any wheel after I’ve sold my OSW and find I could have kept it all along (and by the way, I have one more reason to say this because I’ve moved from a 20nm OSW to the Sport SC2 model…which I am really not deeply convinced will be that much better). We’ll see…but not before another month and a half apparently…


Start playing with the filters, adjust it to your liking, use it for a week or two, then switch back to OSW and we’ll talk again :slight_smile:

Guaranteed you will notice a significant improvement using the SC2. Unless of course, you’re one of those preferring totally unrealistic forces and running without any filters whatsoever. Even in that case, reduction in latency makes for a better experience.



“One of those”:joy: Some of us like hand massages once a day …


Haha, sorry, that came out wrong :slight_smile:


yeah, yeah, okay. I now have day 5. I started with Dirt4, Grid Autosport, DirtRally 2, ForzaHorizon4, rF2. All things I like to drive when I’m alone. Today first ride with iRacing. Here I notice that something is different. With the SC1 I drove the Reconstruktions Filter on 7. SC2 is currently on 2. In general I have played many games one after the other now. Please don’t be angry but here I feel again iRacing seems to be the royal disciples.


So, are you telling me that it’s better to play with filters?

for example as it comes by default, all of the right to 100%?


I’m really surprised to see people posting SC2 profiles that don’t use the new filters. Not using them means not having understood the potential. SC2 has a smoother, smoother engine, but the real difference in use is when the new filters are used


okay, you are welcome to post your setup here


Yep, this was my point too.


This is an extreme settings for RF2 with gain in game at 1 … and 100% force in True Drive. Only possible for those who have an SC2. I also made a video in this regard, to demonstrate with the facts that to date the filters made available on the SC2 are the holy grail of simulation.