Simucube 1 vs simucube 2


Ok, grazie mille. Lo proverò stasera.


I specify that I uploaded the SC2 pro profile of Mika the V3


and what car is that?


is the Tatuus T50 to Zandvoort


I’d recommend trying to set the FFB smoothing inside rF2 to 0 and rely on the SC2 recon filter instead. That’ll usually result in a better fidelity overall since the driver can work with the raw signal.


In Rfactor 2 DX11 plugin pedal overlay canno’t be used, but I’m pretty sure that with FFB in game force 1.00, you have clipping bladerunner2308…


Not having an application to check I wouldn’t know. The setup that I use in the video, and which I posted (although very fun to drive), just wants to be an example to make people understand the potential of these filters, that using them brings a massive improvement to driving sensations and possible adjustments in game .

However if you explain to me how to control clipping I will give it a try.


Without Pedal plugin overlay difficult… Some guys use Damplugin to calculate clipping but it’s not plug and play…

Agree with you for the filters, I hope they join in the future SimuCUBE 1 program…

Finaly I found the topic…


Stef, I believe at least Torque Reduction might make it into Simucube fw, it is a super-Filter imho.

If I could pick only one to be added to original Simucube, it would be that one. But Granite Devs will anyway see what is possible in the near future, as SC2 FW is reaching a very good level after my testing on v1.06.

Fingers crossed for you guys, as there are many original Simucubes out there, so changes will come :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting your settings.

100% in TD and rF2 multiplier at 1… You must have the arms of Schwarzenegger :muscle:


Phillip, is the Torque Reduction filter something I should be using to achieve the following…

As an example, driving a GT3 at Monza in AC, I find that the FFB is great in the corners but a touch light on the straights.

If I increase the gain to get the strength I’d like on the straights, it’s then too strong in the corners and not desirable.

Should I be upping the overall gain to get what I want in the straights and then using the Torque Reduction filter to dial the cornering forces back?

I haven’t touched that filter at all so far as I’m apprehensive about what I’m doing.


so I just tried that. Find that good in some places. I drove on Imola. What I don’t like are the strong vibrations when I give in too much or when I drive over these sawtooth pumpkins. That is too strong for me. If you make the inGame FFB smoothing to zero, everything is going crazy. What’s the best way to make everything a little easier?


I specified that this is an extreme, drivable, but extreme setting, it serves mainly to show the potential of the new FW. You can safely lower the gain to the strength that suits you best.


I once went down to 60% with the main strength


Yes Mate, it works exactly as you think, to address that problem :slight_smile: