Simucube 1 vs simucube 2


Thanks for the words of encouragement mate.

I had settled on sticking with the original osw before I took delivery but it turned out that there were a few issues with the unit and so it ended up being returned anyway!

That really made my mind up and I ended up pre ordering the new Pro model.

I’m looking forward to what it will feel like when I bolt it up in place of my G29 :yum:


Yes, we did torture test the hw here in our premises quite a lot, as @Mika and @phillip.vanrensburg mentioned. Other power supplies, at least the several models we tested, (including 480W desktop power supply from the same manufacturer that one ffb wheel mfg. uses), the quality in those was not at the level we want to use in our products and sell to our customers. Anyway, overall quality, reliability, characteristics, such as acoustic characteristics may have improved in those other power supplies since January 2019, hard to say. However the previous being said, we went with Mean Well due to their quality control processes (and characteristics such as these producing low noise or being completely silent power supplies, (no fan, no coil whine no other weird sounds). Mean Well is trustable Taiwanese company. Almost 100% of the SC1 builds are built with Mean Well power supplies, and we have not heard that even single unit would have been defect or broken unless some natural hazard has happened such as lightning…

Should suitable & reliable psu be found with reasonable price and that meets necessary regulations, and if such other compatible power supplies are sold separately by us at a later time and if the customer wants to change the power supply for their convenience, then yes, the power supply should be purchased separately.


I don’t think much improved in acoustic department as people are complaining about loud buzzing/whining noise on virtualracing already. Exactly as Mika said earlier.
What are our options for extending PSU to motor cable, is it only 1M long?
Are there extension cords that can be purchased separately perhaps?


When are reviews expected to hit the market?


We expect to release a first real version of the firmware and software this week to our testers. A round of polishing and then we should have more units to ship for review purposes.


So when can we expect to see the preorders start shipping? Obviously im not holding you too this.


I have a question … !

When GD were sitting down and planning SC1, there was possibly a roadmap about where it could, would and should go. Filters, bumpstops, buttons, pedal connections, software, hardware etc, etc. There are a myriad of connections on the board that would possibly serve a purpose at some point in the future as they wouldn’t have been added if they weren’t needed.

So, is there anything that was originally planned, hardware or software, for SC1 that hasn’t yet been implemented? Or anything you wanted it to do but just haven’t got around to building?


Original plan was to stay as hardware manufacturer, with hope that a sim racing peripheral company would develop it to a complete product, utilizing the various connections. However, it was pretty soon clear that it was not progressing/taking off, at least not as quickly as we hoped. So, we chose to develop a firmware of our own instead. One of my own plans was to implement at least Logitech G25/G27 shifter functionality (code exists in an open source project) and the Fanatec wheel rim interface (code exists in an open source project). However, there has been insufficient time to do these, and as we now have our wireless wheels, the additional benefit of doing Fanatec communications is quite small already. But if someone ported these (and other features) projects to STM32 HAL based firmware…


Fanatec started encrypting communication between wheel base and rims, so not sure you want spend time developing support for that.


That’s great my friend. If possible and if you don’t forget, could you please get back to me when you have tested out your new simucube 2 wheel and let me know how it compares to your original OSW. Would appreciate your feedback


I would have loved to do that for you but unfortunately the issues I had with my original osw meant that I was unable to power it up and so I never had the opportunity to use it at all.

On the plus side I think we are both in the best place possible when it comes to having users that will soon have experienced the old and the new systems.


I would like to echo the question morpwr raised: when might SC2 units begin to ship from vendors?

I’m hoping to schedule some time off from work so this info would be really helpful. :slight_smile:

Also, is there anything we can/should do to ground our cockpits? Just want to minimize potential EMI issues in advance.


You can ground your metal cockpit to a ground-point in your wall outlet, provided there is one.

If there isn’t, go buy a good 500-600mm x16mm copper rod and hammer it 400mm into the ground outside your window, run a 5-6mm dia cable from your rig to it, if it is practical to do so. This method normally works very well for houses without a ground-point.

From my experience, Simucube-based osw doesn’t suffer from emi, it should be referred to as ground-loops rather, as this is what is causing small issues with button-boards sometimes. But anyway, a trivial matter to resolve.

SC2 won’t have any related issues due to careful engineering and design. Again, if a button-controller acts weirdly, that should be grounded to your QR on the wheel-base.



Id be happy if they just shipped mine knowing the firmware and software might not be ready for a little bit. At least id have it when it is ready .Im not worried about GD getting it done. Now if was another company it would be a different story.


Hi Beano my house does not have any earth wiring at the wall outlet …my sc1 is earthed with the copper rod system wire to motor and to the PSU and no problems…Thinking of upgrade to SC2 PRO can run my earth wire to the front bolts on the motor.But can not earth the PSU as they are plastic . Would this be a problem if the 2 PSU are not grounded…regards Denis


I think though that for the psu ground to work you need to connect it to a grounded wall socket.


Hi Loukas I think the only way to ground the psu would be if i spliced into the psu cable and attached my earth cable , to the earth wire …regards denis


Thanks for the YouTube clip Beano. Has anyone else reviewed yet?

Do you know when you’ll be shipping to suppliers?


According to Mika it should be very soon:


“Fanatec started encrypting communication between wheel base and rims, so not sure you want spend time developing support for that.”

Wont be a problem very soon keep an eye on Sim racing machines Web site!!