SimuCube 1 no analog X11 signal, while buttons and X12 work fine


I connected two buttons via X12. These work perfectly, both upper and lower. However, I cant get the X11 ports to work. I am trying to connect a DIY handbrake which has a potentiometer. I followed the wiring guide, but it does not work. I checked with a multimeter all the pins on both X11 ports but I cant get a signal through any of them. Is there a step I am missing, to enable analog signals, or what should I check?

Can you show how they are wired up right now?

I followed this:

Your answer here:


1 for ground
2 for signal
3 for power

and I tried switching 2 and 3.


I wired the potentiometer up with a Leo Bodnar BU0836A joystick controller and it works. So I think for some reason my simucube analog ports dont work.

Did you select the analog input to be used and checked its indicator in the Configure Analog Inputs screen?