Simucube 1 and Automobilista 2 settings

Hi guys,
I’m trying to set my simucube 1 with AMS 2 but it doesn’t detect it when I turn left or right. Do you have some advice to make it work?

go all the way to the left or right. after that calibrate the wheel.


thanks a lot, is working now, can you share your config if you have a good one? Thank you very much!

it’s important to keep simucube at 100% power becouse it gives better fidelity! damping 0.90ingame use around 23% gain. all other default. it give, friction 0.5, inertia 0. direct damping at 100%. all other at 0. it gives very very good progressive feel of the cars. I like it very much :slight_smile:

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Something very different in AMS2-FFB from other titles is:

Low Force Boost (LFB): This effect is important in AMS2, even with DD-wheels. Default of 50% is a good starting point but, be aware that this interacts with the Gain setting, so it’s a bit of balancing that’s needed to achieve desired force levels. I use 50% (LFB) here, Gain at 27%. This setting is needed to get proper FFB. With it set to zero, users are likely to experience some extreme behavior with high down-force cars, or those with strong FFB / unstable setups (bouncy), resulting in jerky wheel movements during hard cornering.

FX: Controls Tire Scrub effect / Brake-lock effect / Engine Vibration effect (idle range). Again, 50% (default) is a good starting point.


Maybe this will help Automobilista 2 - Simucube 2 .

hello guys I have the following problem … even if I lower the gain I have a return of strength greater than what I expect, … the game settings are: 18 strength
initial force 0
fx 0
in the simocube program I have
350 degrees (at 900 the machine does not turn)
force 100
damping 0.90
friction 0.30
inertia 0

Thanks Loukas, I read it but this is for SC2, so I created a new thread for SC1, so it is easy to anyone is searching SC1 info about AMS2 to find some infos :slight_smile:


this is my current config and it works pretty well, in game I set gain to 40 and left the other settings default (fx 50, spring 2)

When I try to assign my wheel (should I choose Legacy or custom)? I get th emessage ‘mutliple inputs were detected’? Anybody?

Custom should work but, when you assign axis, use a soft touch approaching the bump-stop. Then reverse direction and the axis should be detected, that seems to work better.

You can also enable the e-stop to avoid any constant force from interfering in the process.

can’t get it to register. not a good start

in game my gain force is 11 !!! why?

Do you see any messages in AMS2 regarding “Multiple Inputs”? That’s a pretty common issue but, it seems to be linked to subtle variations in the axis movement, timing of change in direction, etc.


The link i posted docsimo85 was only for the pic that SuperMonaco_GP has posted from the reiza forums that works for simucbe 2 and 1 . I am really glad you created this thread

@HardWin maybe try with e-stop pressed as Mika mentioned in the other thread. Also read this from the pic SuperMonaco_GP shared . Also maybe remove pedals or shifter and try to assign your wheel .


That’s my post in the Reiza forums. Some of us using DD-wheels during the last month of Beta-testing came to the conclusion that the Low Force Boost is essential for proper FFB with the current FFB model.

My recommendation is to use the game FFB defaults to begin with, only reducing the Gain setting (FX is optional). Otherwise, people will be chasing their tails trying to find problems where they don’t exist. I know it’s counter-intuitive to the norm in DD but, LFB is something you need to use in this case.

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Whats the unbiased consensus on AMS2?

The more I read the more the feedback seems to be that it’s marginally better than PC2 in the FFB category, with the same cars being better (open wheeler), and many of the tin-tops feeling generic, just like PC2.

Is it really a cash grab/PC2.5 release?

I think it’s showing great potential but, if you’re not wanting to gamble, better to hold out and wait for things to develop further. There’s a lot more work to be done but, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the progress they’ve made in the last month.

Don’t read too much into the opinions at this point, there are some that expect things to be near perfect - even in early access. The progress made on cars varies a lot, so you’ll see opinions on handling all over the board. We should know a lot more over the next couple of months.

Of the cars that are further along, they handle more like those in AMS1 imo, and the ffb is closer to AMS1 than Pcars2. As to whether or not AMS2 will exceed AMS1, in some ways - it already has (graphics / Audio / VR support, etc.). In regard to FFB, I think it’s baseline is pretty close. Handling wise - remains to be seen but, I’m encouraged with the direction things are moving in.


Honestly globe - I’m SUPER surprised that some people are saying the FFB is mediocre… I have to say I’m really excited by it so far - I’m rating it up there near ACC - in some cars at least - others, I feel still have a way to go.

And yet for sure you are right, people are indeed saying that - I wonder if AMS 2 isn’t well calibrated for all kinds of wheels yet?

But with my Simucue small mige, it’s great!

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Totally agree with you. I’m surprised too. With Sc1 (small mige biss-c encoder) is superb! And also my team mates (with DD1, TXRacer, MMOS OSW and CSL Elite) is very happy about the AMS2 FFB!