SC2 Sport Stuck in a strange "state"?

Good afternoon everyone.
I got a brand new SC2 Sport that has a strange behaviour.
When i turned it on for the first time using TD 2021.4_4 it asked me to update the firmware.
The procedure started and it seemed to be finishing but then TD suddently closed and nothing happened for a while… I then powercycled the simucube and now it is not recognized in any way by TD.
The problem is similar to the one described in this topic:

but i can add another strange thing >>> Now on power-on the motor goes left&right for about 10/20 degrees a couple of times before stopping in the center again and emitting the normal startup beeps. During this time the led in the back goes first white and then goes and stays blue.

Debugging i tried already:

  • Another Usb port/type
  • Another USB Cable
  • Another PC
  • Downgrading to 2020.10 (TD stays in the same way as the 2021.4_4 without even trying to downgrade or asking me anything… motor keeps doing it’s left/right thing)

Any ideas on what to try next?

Thank you!

Is there a Simucube 2 visible in Devices screen in Windows? What is the exact name there? What is the serial number of the unit (on a sticker at the back?)

Hi Mika, sorry i edited the original post, we are talking about a Simucube 2 Sport

The back sticker reports:

In the device manager i cannot see a simucube 2 listed but i can see a “USB Human interface device” appear and disappear when i connect the wheelbase.
Im attaching a pic of the back plate and a screenshot of truedrive info page
Thanks for the help!

There should be a white sticker with a barcode at the back plate. The picture does not include it, the very edge of the sticker might be just visible on the top of the image, but I’m not sure. Is it missing?

And, by devices screen, I did not mean the Device Manager but the Windows button -> Settings -> Devices (bluetooth, printers, mouse) screen.

I am the boy who has the problem, in practice at the first start up he made a software update and then he brikkato, the pc reads the base, but when I turn on the hub makes a movement from right to left and emits a sound please help me

We need more information - serial number of the unit (the barcode sticker at the back) and if the device is detected in Windows and if yes, by what name the device is visible in Windows Devices screen.


this seems like the device has not been properly programmed at the factory tool. Please write an email to our support ( and lets go from there.

I wrote describing the problem should I do anything else?

however the product was purchased from Gperformance and arrived this morning, what should I do?

Ok we are going to write an email with all the attachments and details used in this post!
Thank you!

isn’t there a way to remotely restore?

We are investigating what we can do. We will continue in the support ticket.

thank you, please do something, I’m going crazy

tell me where I can send you a video, so it can be useful to understand the problem?

We do understand the problem. Lets continue on the support ticket.

they wrote to me this morning that they withdraw the base, but to be honest you don’t want to have a new product repaired

This case is very unfortunate, but it is also the case that there are no software tools available at the moment to remotely program the unit, so it must be repaired at the factory.

I have already sent all the data for withdrawal, in your opinion how long will it take to get the base back?