SC2 special edition/gift

Hello ,

So i have my SC2 pro on order since around mid april.
a few weeks ago they posted that they might do something like a special edition because alot of People have been and still are waiting for quite some time now.
In that post they said they would update us in a week but that update post on what the special edition would be has never been posted to my knowledge.
Does anyone have more news?

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I have not heard anything, but is harder than it sounds to give new buyers an additional bonus that was not offered to people who have already bought one. That creates some hard feelings.

There was a thread about this, my take was it will end up being additional functionality in the firmware and will be available to all SC2 owners in a firware update

it would be cool to think it would be one of the kill switches with the on off button, or
maybe a Simucube T-Shirt or stickers

I just can’t wait to get mine reguardless of what ever this ends up being

They said it in a official post announcement a while ago so yea it’s not a rumor i think.

Current plan:

We are designing slightly more complex software features than ever before, and the special edition will be that those will be enabled for all units (including existing ones) produced before a certain manufacturing date. They will be enabled as an early access feature before every unit (those manufactured after certain date) will also get them.

We haven’t decided on what the manufacturing cut-off date for this is, nor are we disclosing yet what those features actually are.

Thanks @Mika !
or design t shirt and give us a promo code haha , would love a SC t shirt

Oh by the way , how is it looking for early july on SC2 pro units sending out?

It depends on which reseller. Their shipments are in different parts in our backlog, and we are trying to give them realistic estimates. Simucube units are not produced in batches, its a continuous operation.

Simtag , Belgium.
They aren’t so open with updates as simracingbay is for example …
So im desperatly in need of some good news :smiley:

Just wondering, why did you not order from Simracingbay?

Simtag is located in my country and so it is closer to send back if there are problems with something

That makes sense to me.:grinning:

Well Hopefully for everyone who has pre-ordered the SC2 we will see some sort of an update on this site’s news tab. Last they posted new news was over a month ago, I am hoping some progress is being made. :+1:

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I think it would be good practice to tell reseller where they are in the production queue and then inform each clients so that they can plan accordingly, especially for a product like the Simucube, which is NOT a standalone product. It must be painful to get the wheel or accessories at a different time :S


Mika ,

i see simracingbay with frequent updates and the latest one being that the SC2 are out for delivery from factory.
Does that go for all resellers?
i feel like my reseller has no idea about the current process…
i don’t want to be annoying … just waiting since April on it and when we had news it would be July i was more excited . Would really love an update

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As Mika wrote 8 days ago in a post a couple above yours, all manufacturers are in different parts of their production back log…
Why don’t you ask your reselller in stead?

ah must of looked over it thanks.
they know don’t know anything they say.

Change retailer. I am afraid all support from them will be the same ‘we dunno’.

thing is i paid already and im afraid if u cancel now and they ship in a few weeks i have to wait Longer if i try and order somewhere Else…

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Simtag is very good, my reseller says exactly the same things…,If I’m lucky, I might have him for Christmas.

There is more to that than reseller being “good”. I was trying to get to the bottom of the situation of why one very popular reseller always ships faster than anyone else, while others have to wait for months.
Situation was not that different before COVID, btw.
GD did not respond, the only more or less plausible explanation from the other user is here.