SC2 Pro and WRC Generations won't detect

I have exactly the opposite, DR 2.0 feels like a big step back now.

Weird that experiences are so different among users.


I have fps dropping from around 200 to 60, and this in all WRC titles. When I use the push pull instead of the sequential shifter, then WRC generations doesn’t make any setup problems.
I drove a full length rally yesterday, Sweden. Even with damage level"realistic" and all lights active in the damage wheel the car was still totally driveable, so not very realistic imo. And after passing the same houses for the 5th time I was getting a bit bored.
When I compare the picture quality from F1 with DLSS to WRC Generations I must say that WRC is either not learning, or didn’t get it done correctly

I never liked the FFB of dirt 2.0. If you drive WRC9, and than directly drive dirt afterwards, to me it is like traveling from the present to the time dynosaurs were living. Dirt has 2 FFB states: clunk clunk, and bump bump (and even these 2 feel like close to dead)

it’s not related to VSYNC or my hardware (4090/13900k)…it"s simply that the game is awfully coded…with a gamepad or thrustmaster wheel : no framerate drops…

if you compare a game to the reality, I can tell you that DR2.0 is closer to the real life…you feel the forces in the seat, not in the wheel…in WRC it’s canned fake effects…and if you have motion plateform or if you are a purist…you don’t care about fake toy vibrations

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I ,never drove a rally car, so I can’t comment on this. I remember that Granite had a party, open day, guest…(something similar) and they made a competition with dirt 2.0. It was a bit difficult, and FFB not really appreciated.
Even if FFB from WRC9 is artificial it delivers much much more details: hairpins with a handbrake Fe you feel wheel spin, weight transfer, surface, throttle, braking
Gravel and sand is very detailed, tarmac steering totally different because of the amount of grip, brakes locking, you name it 9 has it. Dirt doesn’t have any of these information: tarmac is just flat and dull, gravel is bump bump bump, sand is glue or drawing in mud. Driving 100 looks like 200.
I’m a simracer or you can call me gamer: in the end I want to have fun, compete, become better.
I prefer the FFB of 9 over dirt, tbh I prefer it a lot. Because it is by far more informative

PS: I have nothing but the wheel to get FFB. I’m convinced that WRC9 with a motion platform will outperform dirt FFB even more

you should use Accuforce v2, it can use the telemetry for the FFB for DR2.0…if you like toy vibrations.
But the FFB is not the main thing : physics and damage, and in WRC it’s arcade…
About the FFB in DR2.0, it is fully satisfying me…
The GSYNC, sound, physics and damage in DR2.0 makes WRC like a toy…
There is no challenge in WRC, but each time i try a world record in DR2.0, i have so much critical damage, in WRC never…arcade…

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Foa, my respect for your rally passion. If you had read my post a bit above you would know that I don’t like the damage model of Generations at all. And I always mention WRC 9/10/G because there is a huge difference in the titles quality.
9 Fe has an option called “perma crash”. You risk a dnf based on car damage, something that can easily happen at a stage in Türkiye. Neither 10 nor G have this, and I don’t know if dirt 2 has it.
WRC 9 with damage model realistic and perma crash is maybe not the Pinnacle of reality, but it is demanding. To show you that I am not the only one appreciating WRC 9:

The overall winner is DiRT Rally 2.0 because of the great physics, more variety of cars, enhanced sound, and dynamic visual effects. However, the force feedback system is relatively weak than that of WRC 9, but it is decent and all the other aspects outweigh this.

When I watch the video the car looks so fast, even in first gear with 70km. If you look at the fences they are passing by like in Formula 1.

Sad that they still have not fixed the game, cant bind turning on my sc2 pro :frowning:

I didn’t had an issue with addressing wheel axis. I tried generations for a day or two, but then uninstalled it.
You can try to set wheel range in TD to 360 540. After that, in-game, isn’t there a preset for DD, where the Simucube are listed? Can’t remember. Anyway: turn wheel to the very end, and return it fast to center. This could help

Last week drove WRCG, after approx 3 weeks of not playing it and with the same settings the wheel/ffb was so hard to turn, anyone faced it or there was update that ffb strenght was changed? It was so good for me but now something broken. Also i turn engine and shift effect to 0 but when i hit to 2nd gear often got such like wheel movement to one or other side, how to avoid this effect?

After trying it for a few times I decided to not to buy it. I also deinstalled the version I had. I’m sorry, I can’t help you with these issues, and I stopped following news about WRC generations quite some time ago.

I updated my sc2pro firmware, maybe this was the point of stronger ffb… but i can be wrong…

Updated firmware on Simucube puts the damping and friction gain to 100% in directinput effects, more in line what the game developers meant how the effects work. However, more tuning might be needed in future releases.

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Oh, sorry, I remember about going left or right! Then you most likely have set something double in controller AND Simucube. The shifter is Fe at “B”, and in the controller has the handbrake at “B”.
Try to make a new preset for both, Simucube and shifter. Do everything in the Simucube preset. Try to get rid of the controller, by deleting the new preset. It should delete both of the controller presets.
If this doesn’t work, address everything in the new shifter preset (the one marked with a *) to keyboard keys. Hope this helps

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This is not from firmware or TD. It’s based on double addressed in-game settings (99.99 percent). Fe upshift on “B”, and in controller settings handbrake on “B”.

Mika it worked, but i saw now that when check online for example Wrc or other game setup, and see that guy made damper and friction to 0 i choose the profile and when i go offline in TD automatically damper and friction is set to 100, estlier it was if you take someone setup you get friction and damper as per their setting, i downloaded lastest firmware and it is the same. Any ideas, thanks

Profiles made with earlier than 2022.11 release default to 100% in the current release. This is due to the effects feeling a lot different.

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Can’t you make a copy of the paddock profile, and then change it to your preferred settings? AFAIK you can’t change an online profile from someone else, which is intended. But a copy of it, you always should be able to change it to whatever you like. Can’t imagine we are forced to use direct input filters at 100, regardless what time it was made. Or is this online/offline related? But still, you should be able to use and set filters to whatever you prefer